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Unlock Body Lab主辦:Israel Aloni工作坊及分享會

Unlock Body Lab主辦:Israel Aloni工作坊及分享會

19 Oct 2019 (Sat) - 20 Oct 2019 (Sun)

Israel Aloni工作坊及分享會

Unlock Dancing Plaza, 五芳街新蒲崗香港

Israel Aloni 舞蹈工作坊及分享會 Dance Workshop & Sharing

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Israel Aloni是一位具有國際視野的獨立編舞、表演者、書寫人、教育家及文化創業者;現為瑞典獨立當代舞團ilDance藝術總聯及聯合創辦人,亦是跨國創作平台ICoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective)發起人,擁有豐富的編創、表演及策展經驗。

Unlock Body Lab邀請Israel Aloni舉辦專業舞者工作坊,並與城市當代舞蹈團合辦工作坊與分享會,透過一系列的活動分享他豐富的編創及製作經驗,希望與本地藝術工作者交流並帶來啟示。


為期兩天的工作坊中,Israel Aloni將帶領探索如何在製造動作串連時重現身體和心理的經驗,從更抽離的角度挑戰感知,使表演者能夠在每一個動作中都能對外在作出真實的反應。工作坊亦會深度地探索身體、理智和心靈的連結,從而解開表演者的限制和恐懼;亦以即興作為工具,通過參考不同知識領域的內容及脈絡,產生創作中的概念與材料。







Israel Aloni擁有豐富的國際編創、演出的經驗,亦策劃ICoDaCo等跨國創作平台。分享會將聚焦在他的國際經驗及視野,希望為本地藝術工作者帶來啟示。





地點:CCDC舞蹈中心Studio 7



透過簡單的引導即興和指令,Israel Aloni將引領參加者尋找不同的身體經驗,檢視自己身體的能力和可能性、以及如何對空間作出反應。參加者可以自由選擇工作坊內容的難度和強度。





地點:CCDC舞蹈中心Studio 2



Israel Aloni is an independent choreographer, performer, writer, educator and culture entrepreneur; also the artistic director and co-founder of ilDance, an independent contemporary dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden (www.ildance.se) and they are also the architect and the global facilitator of iCoDaCo - International Contemporary Dance Collective (www.icodaco.com) which is an international cooperation project, supported partially by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Unlock Body Lab invited Aloni to lead a two-day workshop for professional dancers, and also co-host a workshop for dance amatuer and a sharing session with City Contemporary Dance Company, hoping to initiate artistic discourses in different levels with local community with his experience in creating works, platforms and international projects.

1. Workshop for Professional Dancers

During the two-day workshop, there will be work on making and refining movement sequences, investigation of the ability to reinvent the physical and mental experience within a set sequence, challenging the self to experience reality from a more neutral standpoint which would allow the dancers/performers to genuinely response and react to the environment with every single movement. The workshop will also offer the opportunity to further the exploration of the body, mind and spirit connection in order to dismantle the artists limitations and intimidations. Aloni will also share key points from both these routes their movement development and choreographic practice.

Target: Professional Dancer

Date: 19-20 Oct (Sat – Sun)

Time: 10am to 4pm with a lunch break of 1 hour

Location: Unlock Dancing Plaza Studio

Fee: An early bird discount of $480 before 13 Oct (Original fee $600)

2. Sharing: Experience on Curating International Collaboration

Israel Alone has sophisticated experience in terms of international collaboration to make works and to facilitate cultural exchange, he is the key curator and facilitator of iCoDaCo-International Contemporary Dance Collective. In the sharing session, he will focus on his vision and experience of international development of his artistic practice, hoping to shed light on the local scene.

Target: Local Artists, Producers & Curators

Date: 19 Oct (Sat)

Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Studio 7, CCDC Dance Centre

Free admission with limited availability

3. Dance Workshop for Amateur

In this two-hour workshop, Aloni will guide the participants to connect to the physical bodies and their functionalities. Through simple guided improvisation and some set tasks, the workshop will guide the participants to find new and different experience through their physical body. Each participant will be able to choose the level of intensity and physical demand that they would like to experience.

Target: Any person aged 16 or above, with or without prior knowledge to dance

Date: 20 Oct (Sun)

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00pm

Location: Studio 2, CCDC Dance Centre

Fee: An early bird discount of $160 before 13 Oct (Original fee $200)

Unlock Dancing Plaza
不加鎖舞踊館成立於2002年,為香港風格獨特的現代舞團,藝術總監為王榮祿。舞團積極與不同媒介藝術家合作,透過互動創作,解放舞台的束縛,為觀眾開闢嶄新的現代舞欣賞體驗。舞團同時積極以 Unlock Body Lab開展一系列舞蹈和身體密切關係的硏習,探索身體外顯的展現方式與內在的有機結合,並將硏習的成果以文字、錄像、示範演出及舞蹈教學推廣到學校和社區。此系列也是一個跨國際地域的舞蹈文化交流合作平台。舞團近年劇場作品包括《男生·男再生》、《游弋蒼穹》、連續舞蹈劇場《牆四十四》、《失物待領》及《蕭邦 vs CA幫》。作品《用心看世界--火鳥延續篇》、《游弋蒼穹》及《男生‧男再生》分別榮獲2009、2015及2016年香港舞蹈年獎。舞團自2009年起成為香港藝術發展局資助團體。A unique modern dance company founded in 2002 with Ong Yong-lock as Artistic Director.Bold to innovate, keen to collaborate and interact with artists from different disciplines in search of the intricacies of life and beyond. By liberating the constraints of the stage, the Company strives to display new ways to appreciate and experience dance.Recent dance productions include Wanderer, Compartmentalized, serial dance-theatre Walls 44, 3D Museum in Motion, Hose of Dancing Water, Dance Moves, Kung Fu and Tofu, Chopin VS Ca and Love Sick. Its productions Phoenix III – Read the World with Your Heart, Wanderer and Boy Story Reborn received the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2009, 2015 (Outstanding Achievement in Independent Production) and 2016 (Outstanding Independent Dance Production) respectively. Committed to promote creative dance education through outreach activities and performances for communities and schools.