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Road to Manchester 跑到曼徹斯特

Road to Manchester 跑到曼徹斯特

19 Apr 2019 (Fri) 12:00 AM - 7 Jun 2019 (Fri) 11:59 PM


由於「Road to Manchester 跑到曼徹斯特」慈善線上跑反應熱烈,活動的截止報名日期將延遲至2019年5月25日,整個活動日期亦會順延至2019年6月7日完結。立即和你的朋友報名參加,一起向著21km的目標進發,向著獲得前往曼徹斯特參與「Glow in the Park - Manchester」的機會進發!

HK Running Mall的折扣更正為全單額外HK$30折扣。十分抱歉如為你帶來任何不便。


Due to overwhelming response, the registration deadline for "Road to Manchester" Charity Virtual Run has been extended to May 25, 2019; event period has been extended to June 7, 2019. Join with your friends towards 21km and towards the chance to fly to London to take-part in the famous "Glow in the Park" fun-run event for free!

Please be informed that discount of HK Running Mall would be amended to HK$30 off for a bill. Sorry for any inconvenient cause.

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Wing Yan Peggy Siu




Haissi Ho


Calix Wong


Danny Ho

Road to Manchester 跑到曼徹斯特


Road to Manchester 線上跑活動,可令大家體會英國式的跑步文化,完成活動後可參加抽獎,有機會贏得維珍航空 Virgin Atlantic 英國來回機票,免費參加 Glow in the Park Manchester 跑步活動。

Road to Manchester 由 Born To Run 主辦,Virgin Atlantic Airways 維珍航空贊助。

Manchester can be said to be the most famous British city outside of London. One of the reasons is that based on the city's strong sports culture, two football teams in Manchester City have thousands of supporters around the world. Beyond football, their running culture is also unique.

The Road to Manchester virtual run event will allow you to experience the British-style running culture. After the event, you can participate in the lucky draw and have the opportunity to win a Virgin Atlantic round-trip flight to the Glow in the Park - Manchester.

ROAD TO MANCHESTER is organized by Born To Run, with Virgin Atlantic Airways as the proud sponsor.



活動日期:2019年4月19日 (12:00am) 至6月7日 (11:59pm)







報名時間:報名結束於5月25日 (11:59pm)(GMT+08)

獎項:獲得精美獎牌乙個 & 獲得一個抽獎機會


幸運抽獎:2位得獎者(每位得獎者均獲得由維珍航空贊助往返香港至倫敦機票一張及參加 “Glow in the Park - Manchester” 活動門票一張)

跑到曼徹斯特 大抽獎活動條款及細則

Entry Details:

Registration Period: 19/4/2019 – 25/5/2019

Event Period: 19/4/2019 (12:00am)(GMT+08) – 7/6/2019 (11:59pm)(GMT+08)

Race: 21km + (The Race must be completed within the event period)

Fee: HK$138 (Hong Kong), HK$168 (Overseas)

(10% of the registration fee will be donated as charity purpose)

*** We accept payment through stripe.***

Time Limit: No time limit but must be finished within event period

Race location: No limitation (Runners from around the World are welcome)

Registration time: cut-off at 11:59pm (GMT+08) 25/5/2019

Finisher Award: 1 piece of Road To Manchester medal & 1 entry to the Lucky Draw

(for Race finisher only)

Lucky Draw Prize: 2 winners ( One return ticket Hong Kong-London sponsored by Virgin Atlantic Airways + One entry ticket to a running event “ Glow in the Park – Manchester” per winner)

ROAD TO MANCHESTER Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions



於2019年4月19日 (12:00am) 至6月7日 (11:59pm) ,記錄及完成21公里+ 跑步。


在上述活動期間,集齊所有紀錄後,到 Born To Run 上載專頁,輸入紀錄及上載跑步電子記錄圖片(不限應用程式,跑步錶或手機跑步app均可;檔案類型為 jpg, jpeg及 png,每張最大10MB)



抽獎結果將於6月17日於 Born To Run website, Born To Run Facebook, and Fitz Facebook 專頁,星島日報及英文虎報公佈,得獎者另有電郵通知。

Game rules

On successful enrolment and payment, a confirmation email would be sent out to participants.

Complete and record runs accumulating to a total mileage of 21km + during 19/4/2019 (12:00am) to 7/6/2019 (11:59pm).

The runs may be conducted anytime, anywhere (including in other races or on treadmills), alone or in groups over the prescribed Event Period.

Within the Event Period, accumulate the relevant run records and go to the Born To Run website by typing in records and uploading screen captures of records (from any Apps, any device in jpg, jpeg, png formats not exceeding 10MB)

Confirmation email would be sent along with luck draw entry notification, if uploaded document is accepted.

Finisher medal would be delivered according to the option previously committed during registration.

Lucky Draw results would be announced and published on 17 June 2019 at Born To Run Website, Born To Run Facebook, FitZ Facebook, SingTao Daily and The Standard. Lucky Draw winners would be notified by email.


領取方法:於2019年6月16 - 18日期間,到 DECATHLON 將軍澳分店領取或選擇郵寄




Medal Collection

Self-collection pick up: Decathlon TKO Store during 16/6/2019 – 18/6/2019 or by mail

Collection Time: Weekdays 4pm - 8pm; Weekends & Public Holidays 1pm - 9pm

Collection Address: 3/F, Sheung Tak Plaza, No. 2 Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

*Both local and overseas participants may either choose self-collection or mail

ROAD TO MANCHESTER 曼徹斯特壓軸跑 及頒獎典禮

參加資格:已報名參加 ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特線上跑活動



集合地點:將軍澳唐明街2號尚德廣場3樓 Decathlon 分店






ROAD TO MANCHESTER Finale Run and Awards Ceremony

To Enroll: All who have successfully enrolled in the ROAD TO MANCHESTER are eligible

Event Date: 16/6/2019 (Sunday)

Event Time: 11am-1pm

Venue: Decathlon Shop - 3/F, Sheung Tak Plaza, No. 2 Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

Run distance: Approx 3km

Quota: 100 runners

(First come, first served; while stock lasts!)

Fee: HK$60

***We accept payment through Stripe.***


Finale Run Race Pack: (For finale run participant only)


是次活動受惠機構是 The Hub Hong Kong 香港樂童行。香港樂童行兒童及青年中心是一所於2013年成立的註冊慈善機構,位於香港最貧困的地區之一的深水埗。我們的使命是幫助低收入家庭的兒童及青少年爭取平等機會、 賦予希望、豐盛人生,令他們成為對社會有價值和貢獻的重要一員。中心為12-18 歲的會員提供各類學術和體藝等支援服務,包括課後功課輔導、語言課程、音樂,藝術和戲劇課程、體育活動、健康和保健計劃,與及個人和家庭輔導服務。透過中心提供的服務,會員學業成績得以改善,孩子的自信心亦得以提升,家庭關係變得良好,令他們能夠更健康和均衡地成長。


The Hub Hong Kong is the sole beneficiary of this event. The Hub Hong Kong is a non-profit children and youth centre, aimed at supporting needy children including academic tutoring; extra-curriculum activities; counselling; and other health and welfare benefits.

The Hub Hong Kong was established by David Boehm and Bruce Stinson, both of Australian origins but who have made Hong Kong their homes for 30 years. In recognition of children as Hong Kong’s pillar and future and how underserved some of them are, they have decided to offer better learning and growing environment with a view of grooming the next generation of fine citizens.


主辦 Organizer:我是跑手 Born To Run

贊助 Sponsor: Virgin Atlantic Airways 維珍航空

活動伙伴 Event Partners:
Anessa, Decathlon Hong Kong, Hit N Run, HKMSA, HK Running Mall,
Running Man Athletic Club

受惠機構 Beneficiary: The Hub Hong Kong 香港樂童行

媒體夥伴 Media Partner: FitZ Group

活動大使 Event Ambassador: 楊錦鴻(金毛)Mr Yeung Kam Hung

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To LIKE our Facebook to get the most update
information and play games to win souvenirs!


Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 52076

ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特 大抽獎活動條款及細則

ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特 是由Born To Run主辦。

ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特 推廣期由 2019年4月19日 (12:00am) 至2019年6月7日 (11:59pm) 止。

大抽獎活動只限ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特二十一公里賽事參賽者參加。參加者必須年滿16歲。


參加者參加大抽獎等同同意本大抽獎活動的條款及細則 。

獎品:得獎者2名。得獎者可獲由維珍航空Virgin Atlantic Airways贊助送出由香港至曼徹斯特單人來回經濟客位機票一張(必須先由香港出發)。及參加“Glow in the Park - MANCHESTER”活動門票一張。得獎者須自行領取機票及活動門票。免費機票獎品只包括機票票價,並不包括稅項、燃油附加費、行政費及機場建設費。得獎者須另行支付該等費用。免費機票適用日期及使用方式受維珍航空Virgin Atlantic Airways機票禮券條款約束。

抽獎方法: 所有參加者的資格均以主辦機構跑手登記及報名系統的紀錄為準。參加者必 須於2019年4月19日 (00:00) 至6月7日 (23:59) 活動期間,集齊所有紀錄後,到Born To Run 上載專頁 輸入紀錄及上載跑步電子記錄圖片(不限應用程式,跑步錶或手機跑步 app 均可; 檔案類型: jpg, jpeg, png,每張最大10MB)。成功上載後,將有確認電郵通知,以及抽獎權的確認。每名參加者只限中獎一次。不論任何原因,若合資格參加者在2019年6月7日(23:59) 未能將合資格紀錄及跑步電子記錄圖片上載,均會自動失去抽獎資格。

得獎者將於2019年6月10日隨機抽出。抽獎結果將於2019年6月17日Born To Run Facebook及專頁, Fitz Facebook及專頁, 星島日報 及The Standard 英文虎報公佈,得獎者另有電郵通知。參加者同意主辦機構有權在結果中列出得獎者參賽編號及姓名 。

得獎者需同意主辦單位有權發布抽獎結果名稱和獲勝者參與代碼。不論任何原因,得獎者若未能於公佈抽獎結果後2019年6月30日親身領獎,主辦機構保留取消得獎者獲獎的權利 ,而不作另行通知。若得獎者為 ROAD TO MANCHESTER 二十一公里賽事的海外參賽者,得獎者需與主辦機構聯絡並安排獎品掛號郵寄到指定地址。

參與ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特 二十一公里賽事的主辦機構員工及其直系家屬均不可參與是次抽獎活動。




海外選手有資格參加抽獎。優惠券將通過電子郵件通知,並將通過註冊郵件發送。 (請注意,機票出發港必須在香港!)主辦機構保留大抽獎結果最終決定權,參加者不得異議,亦不設上訴機制。



ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特 Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions

ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特 is organized by Born To Run.

The promotion period for ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特Lucky Draw is from 19th April to 7th June 2019.

Only participants of the 21km ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特who are above the age of 16 are eligible for the Lucky Draw.

Participants should study the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Lucky Draw.

By participating in this Lucky Draw, the Participants have deemed to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Prize: 2 Winners. One set of economy-class Hong Kong to MANCHESTER return air-ticket sponsored by Virgin Atlantic Airways (must depart from Hong Kong first) and one entry ticket to a running event “Glow in the Park – MANCHESTER”. The winner needs to collect the air-ticket and entry ticket in person. The prize includes the value of the air-ticket only but excludes taxes, fuel surcharge, administrative fee and Airport Construction Fee. These fees are to be paid by the user separately. Virgin Atlantic Airways Ticket Coupon Terms and Conditions apply to usage and usable dates.

Lucky Draw Method: Qualification of participants is based on the official participant record logged by the Organizer’s registration system. Participants should collect and accumulate their run records made during 19th April (00:00) to 7th June 2019 and submit them via Born To Run website. The data required are recorded mileage of run(s) recorded by common Apps on any device in jpg, jpeg, png formats, which shall not exceed a file size of 10MB. On successful data verification, a confirmation email will be sent along with The Lucky Draw ballot. Each participant is entitled to only 1 chance. Under any circumstances should participants fail to submit their run records and data by 7th June 2019, they will not be allowed to join the Lucky Draw.

The winners would be determined by a random draw conducted by the organizer on 10th June 2019. The Lucky Draw results will be announced and published on Born To Run Facebook and web pages; FitZ Facebook and Column at Sing Tao Daily and the Standard on 17th June 2019. Winners will receive an email notification.

Winners are required to agree that the organizer has the right to issue the name of the sweepstakes and the winner's participation code. For any reason, if the winner fails to receive the prize in person after the announcement of the results of the lucky draw on June 30, 2019, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the winner's award without prior notice. If the winner is an overseas competitor of the ROAD TO MANCHESTER 21-kilometer event, the winners must contact the organizer and arrange for the prize to be mailed to the designated address.

All staffs of the Organizing and participating bodies (including their relatives) of the ROAD TO MANCHESTER 跑到曼徹斯特are not eligible for the Lucky Draw.

The Lucky Draw prizes cannot be redeemed for cash, or be changed to other product and rewards, nor are they transferrable to another person. On the presentation of prizes, the Organizer is abstained from any responsibility arising from loss or theft of prizes thereafter.

Should there be any breaches to these Terms and Conditions; the Organizer reserves the right to annul participant’s entry and entitlements without further notice.

The Organizer is not to be held responsible for any quality issue arising from the prizes. The winner should engage the prize supplier in resolving such issue.

Overseas runners are eligible to the lucky draw. Winner will be notified by email and the ticket will be sent by registered mail. (Please note that the air ticket departing port must be in Hong Kong!)

The Organizer has the final decision on the Lucky Draw Results, which is to be uncontestable and not to be repealed.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. All disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions, if not amicably resolved, shall be submitted to the courts of Hong Kong for adjudication and the parties shall irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction thereof.

If there are any inconsistencies between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 52076

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