Event Engagement Platform

Make events into experiences for your members or guests the way they want it


Helper App

Face RecognitionPayment
Check-in and Label PrintingSynchronisation

Face Recognition

The guests’ face can now be their check-in identity. You can now check them in by scanning their face

Event App

Light-weight and easy to use, giving your guests a customised experience through a simple email link. No downloading required.

Instant Access

Accessible through the email link


Connected with all live interactions

Live View

Connected to the screen and audience


Live Interactions

The Live Interactions allow for a creative, two-way event experience.


Coordinate bidding, communication and payments directly

Lucky Draw

Digital tickets, random selection and immediate winners


Interactive and mobile, no microphone passing

Live Poll

Get immediate results from the participants


Coordinate bidding, communication and payments directly

Admin Panel

The central place that makes you feel at ease while running an engaging event.


Set it up in 4 simple steps

Registration Form

Get the information your need from the guests

Email Management

Send confirmation or invitation to the Event App