Community Management

Empower organisations to manage and interact with their members, while enabling the members to enjoy their engagement as part of their daily lives.


Membership Workflow

Find all the tools you need for membership management. Less effort, greater impact.

Customisable Forms

Simple drag-and-drop, no matter how complicated your membership form is

Renewal Automation

Pre-set schedule for sending reminders to members for information updates and payments

Virtual Membership Card

Beautifully designed and multi-functional. For event check-ins, loyalty points, alerts of expiry dates and much more



Gain insight into your members and obtain invaluable marketing insights.

Data Enrichment

The enriched data can help you understand your community better


Add tags to members or groups for easy identification

Search and segmentation

Find your target members by any criteria and segment them for targeted messaging or other follow-up actions


Profile Tracking

Treat each member not as a data entry, but as a person who engages with your organisation.



Allow your members to connect with one another to create a close-knit community.