Visual, informative, organized tools for driving engagement

More engagement, better communication, increased loyalty

Engage with your community before and after the event

Get the bigger picture

Enhance your pre and post event engagement by reviewing and analyzing real-time reports. Track your events in real time to get meaningful insights through detailed analytics. All this to organize better events and long-term membership engagement.

Reduce repetitive email tasks

Collate all your contacts into one email marketing system to drive engagement. Create your own email templates with different functions and fields, send them off right away.

Build positive relationship

Faster responses and reaction on critical issues, always engage with your members to gather information and get feedbacks. Our easy-to-use form builder tools help you create any kind of surveys and forms.

On-the-go with Juven Manager App

See everything you need in anytime, anywhere. Simplify your team's event management tasks, shorten guests' waiting time, support membership service, improve the overall satisfaction in event organization and engagement.

Boost membership engagement by really getting to know and understand your contacts' interests and activities. Empower your community by responding to their behavior, needs and concerns.

Search and Segmentation

Find your target members by different search criteria and segment them for targeted messaging or other follow-up actions.

Start engaging your community on Juven!