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PMQ 玩創夏令營座談會 - 創意教育在生活

PMQ 玩創夏令營座談會 - 創意教育在生活

22 Dec 2018 (Sat) 2:30 PM - 22 Dec 2018 (Sat) 4:15 PM

QUBE (2/F), Block A, PMQ

35 Aberdeen Street, Central, PMQ

Organized by PMQ WOW SUMMER


日期 | 2018年12月22日 (六)

時間 | 2:30 – 4:15pm

地點 | PMQ元創方A座2樓QUBE

對象 | 家長、老師及教育工作者等  (*此活動對象為成人,不建議攜同小童出席。) 

語言 | 廣東話


蕭健偉先生(共同創辦人,  AaaM建築設計工作室)

梁子謙先生(董事總經理, Abtitu Limited)

吳伯風先生(研究員, 樂在製造社會設計及研習所)



柯佳列先生(創辦人, 綠腳丫)


創意是孩子們一生受用的珍貴天賦,但如何好好孕育創意種子也是一門學問。家長或教育者應如何把蘊藏在孩子體內的創意激發出來? 是次分享會中,三位來自不同界別的講者將分享創意教育的經驗與實踐。一起將創意融入生活,讓孩子從小釋放創作潛能


蕭健偉先生 | 共同創辦人, AaaM建築設計工作室

建築師及大專教授蕭健偉先生 - AaaM建築設計工作室創辦人之一, 兼任香港珠海學院建築系助理教授。具豐富創意教育及從事設計經驗,近年聯合創立AaaM (Architecture as a Medium)建築設計工作室,致力透過文字寫作,藝術策展及項目實踐把建築藝術及創意思維普及於大眾生活中。現育有一子一女。

梁子謙先生 | 董事總經理, Abtitu Limited

Sean是新創手機程式編製平台Abtitu Limited的聯合創始人,他擁有超過7年的技術經驗,特別是在計算機網絡架構中,他通過Docker,Swarm,AWS等技術來部署雲和集群網絡基礎設施。基於他的技術知識和經驗,他熱衷於向大家分享他的知識。自2015年以來,他積極於創業社區,中小學,大學和企業中,教導科投知識和設計思維。

吳伯風先生 | 研究員, 樂在製造社會設計及研習所


*有關「玩創夏令營展覽 - 想像大爆發」




如有任何爭議, PMQ 元創方保留最終決定權。


"PMQ WOW Exhibition Forum – Creative Education in Everyday Life"

Date | 22 December, 2018  (Saturday)

Time | 2:30 – 4:15pm

Venue | QUBE (2/F), Block A, PMQ

Target | Parents, teachers and educators etc.  (*This event is for adults only, participants are advised not to attend with children. ) 

Language |  Cantonese



Mr. Kevin Siu (Co-founder, AaaM Architects)

Mr. Sean Leung (Managing Director, Abtitu Limited)

Mr. Paddy Ng (Study Manager, Making On Loft )


Mr. Kenny Or (Founder, Little Greet Feet)

About the Forum

Creativity is a wonder power for children, fertilized by right support and encouragement. How should parents or educators foster creativity in their kids? During the sharing session, three speakers from different disciplines of creative industry will utilize their professional knowledge to introduce and share experiences of creative education. Let’s spread our ingenious mind into everyday life and awaken children’s full potential of creativity from an early age!


About the speakers

Mr. Kevin Siu | Co-founder, AaaM Architects Kevin is the co-founder of AaaM (architecture as a medium) Architects, and the Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Department of Architecture of the Chi Hai College of Higher Education in Hong Kong. With extensive experience in design education and professional practice in architecture field, Kevin populates architecture and creative thinking to the general public through column writings, curations and exhibitions, and a wide range of project realizations. He is also a father of two.


Mr. Sean Leung | Managing Director, Abtitu Limited

Sean is the Co-founder of Abtitu Limited, a startup of mobile app builder and community. He has over 7 years of technical experiences especially in computer network architect by deploying cloud and clustering network infrastructure with Docker, Swarm, AWS, etc. Based on his technical knowledge and experience, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with everyone. He is an active speaker and mentor within the startup community, schools and corporate in teaching technology skills and design thinking processes since 2015.


Mr. Paddy Ng | Study Manager, Making On Loft   Paddy is the study manager of “Making On Loft”, with experience in engaging design, social policy analysis and social impact assessment. He is also the founder and project director of “Wheel Thing Makers”, a non-profit making group in collaborative efforts with various bodies on the creation of cycling equipment, organization of community workshops, and promotion of the maker culture in schools. He believes that active implementation of community projects is the only way to stimulate social innovation, and that through creating "socially driven wheel things", he could test whether social resources can be used more effectively, thereby improving lives.

* For details of WOW Exhibition – Imagination in Bloom

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