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OWN Life Planning: Which University is Best Fit For You? By: OWN Academy

5 Aug 2018 (Sun)

Campfire Wong Chuk Hang, 5/F Remex Centre



Making a big decision such as which university to attend can be daunting, and a confusing process. Whether you will be applying in the next three months or in future times to come, it is important to take in all factors in your consideration of which university.

During our two hour workshop, we will be providing you with guidance and personalized tips to help you ultimately decide which university is the best fit for you.

We will cover topics throughout the day such as practicality, your experience whilst you are there, outcomes and support.

It is free to attend but we will be taking an HKD$100 deposit that will be refunded once you attend.

Tentative Schedule:

10:00-10:05: Introduction/ Program Goals

10:05-10:30: What's important in choosing a university?

10:30-11:00: What do you want to study?

11:00-12:00: What's your available pool of options?