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OWN Future Fair 2019 Form

OWN Future Fair 2019 Form

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OWN Academy (www.ownacademy.co) is an education innovation company that supports schools and students with real-world learning opportunities in the areas of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We partner with industry leaders to design experiences, skills training programs, mentorship and internship matching that deliver exposure, knowledge and applicable 21st Century skills to students of diverse backgrounds. 

ESF OWN Future Fair by OWN Academy returns for the second year! OWN Future Fair is an opportunity for students and parents to explore the future together. 

Date: October 28 2018 | Sunday

Time: 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Venue: Shatin College, 3A Lai Wo Ln, Fo Tan

The Fair will feature a student speaker series, where 20 inspiring young individuals in different fields of work will speak about their own experiences and provide tips for students looking to carve their own path. These creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals will provide insights on pursuits in Fashion, Technology, Film, Health & Fitness, Law, Real Estate, and other areas. The Fair will also have a parent speaker series, aimed at increasing awareness and support for student's future career choices. 

First 100 registrants will recieve 1 free regular ticket. 

$88 HKD for regular ticket

$108 HKD for priority sign-up

All attendees must register through payment - payment link will be provded once you have registered through this form.

Career Life Planning

Modern Careers / Options in Life

College Admissions


Industry Insights

Real World Learning / Experiential Learning / Project-Based Learning

Life Skills / 21st Century Skills

Modern Workplace Culture / Environment

Parental Support

Others (Please specify)


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Art, Photography, Design




Entrepreneurship / Start Ups

Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

Finance & Accounting

Government & Politics

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Hospitality, Events & Tourism

Human Resources

Technology & Computer Science


Language & Translation


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Medical Electives & Public Health

NGOs - Non Profts

Public Relations & Marketing


Real Estate


Social Media Influencers - YouTube / Instagram / Snapchat

Social Work

Television & Film

Theater & Music

Others (Please specify)