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On Juven, you can use our automated and intelligent tools to manage events, memberships and donations.

How you can use Juven

Integrated and intuitive tools for your organization

Event Management

Event Management

Make events into singular experiences for your guests from start to finish. Juven’s event engagement platform helps you throughout the event, from checking in, to in-event activities, to post-event analytics.



Automate the processes involved with managing memberships, sending out emails and newsletters, and keeping people in the loop about the latest events and deals



Processing donations on Juven is both simple and easy. Juven is integrated with a wide range of payment gateways. Best of all, we charge nothing for it.


Companies and organizations of all sorts and sizes trust Juven to manage their events, memberships and donations.

Charities & Foundations

Charities and foundations use Juven to manage their donations and email lists, as well as integrate donation widgets into their websites.

Companies & Brands

Companies and brands use the Juven platform to promote and receive the exclusive deals and benefits from one another.

Clubs & Associations

Clubs and associations use Juven’s automated membership features to send newsletters, reminders for payments, inform members of upcoming events and reminding administrators to engage dormant members.

Event Organizers & Agencies

With Juven, event organizers and agencies never have to worry again about ticketing, in-event activities, or post-event analytics. Juven has you covered.

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Why Juven

Security & Privacy

We value social connection as much as personal privacy. We adopt the highest international standards for security.


With our capacity for data hosting, whether you're the new kid on the block or an international giant, we got your back.

Automation & Intelligence

We believe in making life easier through automated and intelligent tools, that's why we built workflow integrations, smart tagging, engagement analysis, and much more besides right into our system.