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傑志 Kitchee
傑志 Kitchee
傑志 Kitchee


Formed in 1931, Kitchee Sports Club is one of the most historical sports organization in Hong Kong, still going strong after eight-five years.

Back in the 1940s, Kitchee was a dominant force in Hong Kong football, winning three league titles and four Senior Shield trophies, establishing itself firmly in the local football circuit.

Kitchee returned to the First Division in the 2003-2004 Season with a restructured management team. In the 2005-2006 season, Kitchee became “double-winner” by snatching the senior shield and league cup trophies. In the subsequent season, Kitchee also did very well by retaining the league cup silverware.

Starting from the 2011-2012 season, Kitchee has managed to lay claims on Six league titles, as well as finishing second on two occasions. During that span, Kitchee has participated in the AFC Champion League group stage, with the first win in  Hong Kong football history, proving itself as one of the most steady and formidable sides in Hong Kong football.

During this season, Kitchee has brought in quality reinforcements such as former Uruguay player Diego Forlan to bolster the squad, hoping to achieve bigger and better things in domestic and regional competitions.

Outside the pitch, Kitchee is also very passionate about its charity work, hoping to change people’s lives through the game of football. Starting from 2008, Kitchee has worked with FC Barcelona, establishing Kitchee Escola in the process, the first FC Barcelona-focused Soccer School in Asia (now named as the Kitchee Football Academy), providing quality but free football training annually to 450 local children between the ages of six to eighteen.

Established in 2010, the Kitchee Foundation is aimed to promote education and corporate social responsibility through the beautiful game of football. In the very same year, the Education Bureau also supports Kitchee’s “Professional Footballer Preparatory Program”, allowing students to receive more time on football training outside the classroom. The Hong Kong Football Association adopted the very same program into its very own “Five Year Plan” in 2015 and with the support of the Home Affairs Bureau, the program will continue once again in 2016.

With the exceptional work that Kitchee has done in youth development over the years, the Hong Kong Government has granted a 160,000 sq. ft. premium recreational landscape for the establishment of the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre. In July, 2012, the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre received generous support from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, donating HKD $63 million to cover the Centre’s construction. Kitchee is responsible for the remaining construction cost and the day-to-day operation costs surrounding the Centre, hoping to develop the next generation for the Hong Kong Representative Team.

“For the good of Hong Kong” is the mission of Kitchee. Besides developing local football, Kitchee plans to utilize football as a channel and to spread positive energy in the community, eventually benefitting various sectors such as the medical, education, conservation and the less fortunate groups.