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New Office

New Office

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We visited a bunch of offices today. Which one did you like the best? 

To help you remember we visited (in the order we visited them)

1. 9 Wing Hong 13/F --> Removable ceiling, public toilet

2. 9 Wing Hong 11/F --> Heigh ceiling, public toilet

3. Trendy Center 25/F --> Great view (we visited it twice)

4. Trendy Center 9/F --> Toilets in the middle, but a slightly segregated, but spacious office

5. Cheung Sha Wan Plaza (4 offices - all a similar layout) --> The weird smelling place with glass partitions, a blue carpet, under construction or on the 8th floor

6. Laws Commerical --> Weird sockets all over the floor

7. Clifford Centre --> Place without an AC, but spacous

1. 9 Wing Hong 13/F

2. 9 Wing Hong 11/F

3. Trendy Center 25/F

4. Trendy Center 9/F

5. Cheung Sha Wan Plaza

6. Laws Commerical

7. Clifford Centre