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A Village - Human Wrongs | Stand-up Comedy and Trivia

A Village - Human Wrongs | Stand-up Comedy and Trivia

26 Jan 2019 (Sat) 8:00 PM - 26 Jan 2019 (Sat) 10:00 PM

Terrible Baby

380 Nathan Road

Organized by Terrible Baby


As part of Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize x Eaton HK's public programme A Village 成村人,人權人, Eaton HK proudly hosts a night of FREE stand-up comedy and trivia.

此項目為Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize x Eaton HK公共項目A Village 成村人,人權人的節目之一,Eaton HK很榮幸地為大家舉辦一場棟篤笑與競答遊戲之夜。

Human Wrongs Part I: A Dark Hour of Stand-Comedy

8:00 – 9:00pm | Terrible Baby Music Room, 4/F

Human Wrongs Part I, a dark hour of comedy, hosted by Bryan Bentley, Jason Strickland and Christopher Pang. Human rights is no laughing matter, so please refrain from laughing as Hong Kong’s local comedians expose society’s preconceptions and prejudices, particularly at a time when racism, misogyny, and anti-immigrant sentiments are popularized and sensationalized. In addition to the hosts, the evening lineup includes Garron Chu, Ailee Slater, Ryan Hynek, Tim Lam and Rose Rage.


8:00 – 9:00pm | Terrible Baby音樂室, 4/F

《人的錯誤》第一部份是一小時的黑色喜劇,由Bryan Bentley、Jason Strickland和Christopher Pang主持。人權不是可以嘻笑怒罵的議題。所以當喜劇演員揭露了社會上先入為主的觀點和偏見,特別是關於種族主義,厭女症和反移民情緒等聳人聽聞的議題時,請絕對不要笑!!除了三位主持外,演出陣容還有Garron Chu、Ailee Slater、Ryan Hynek、Tim Lam跟Rose Rage。

Human Wrongs Part II: Darkly Comedic Trivia Quiz

9:00 – 10:30pm | Music Room, 4/F

Human Wrongs Part II, an hour of trivia based on human wrongs, hosted by Rose Rage. Why should Human Rights get all the good press? What did Human Wrongs do that was so wrong? Test your knowledge of the depravity in all of us, in our trivia with a twist. Screw the Force, let the Dark Side be with you! Trivia will be hosted by Hong Kong’s favorite trans-quizmistress, the hostess with the leastest, Rose Rage


9:00 – 10:30pm | Music Room, 4/F

《人的錯誤》第二部份是一小時關於「Human Wrong」的競答遊戲,由Rose Rage主持。「為甚麼Human Rights總是得到所有正面的報導?為甚麼Human Wrong是如此WRONG?來測試一下你對人類的墮落有多少的認識。擰動力量,讓黑暗面與你同在!競答時間將由香港最令人喜愛的變性人、最佳女主持Rose Rage主持。


“A Village” is conceived of with Sampson Wong and Chris Pang and organised in partnership with HoLok Chen, Innocent Mutanga, Rose Rage Rachael Hk, Bryan Bentley, with support from Thisby Cheng.

Enquiry: 2710 1947 | [email protected]

《成村人,人權人》項目是與黃宇軒及Chris Pang共同參與構思而成,合作伙伴包括陳可樂、Innocent Mutunga、Rose Rage、Bryan Bentley,並由鄭文越支援此項目的執行。

查詢詳情: 2710 1947 | [email protected]

Terrible Baby
Terrible Baby is a new destination venue within the emerging, gritty, and authentic Kowloon neighbourhood of Jordan for Hong Kong’s uninhibited, burgeoning, and bold creative scene to enjoy live music and craft cocktails. Translated from the French ‘L’Enfant Terrible,’ the space provides a platform for local and visiting talent to showcase live music, experimental audio-visual projects, and more, alongside an offering of innovative and unexpected sustainably sourced drinks. With a dedicated music area with a professional sound system and stage, sprawling balcony of lush greenery, lounge seating, and sweeping views, Terrible Baby introduces a new in-demand indoor/outdoor music venue and bar for Hong Kong, and the first of its kind in Jordan. Direct access to the neighbouring Tomorrow Maybe, an independent art gallery within the hotel for emerging and established artists to exhibit works with a distinct social point of view, Terrible Baby is a space that provides the freedom and acceptance to gather, create, and collaborate in today’s culture.