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Hong Kong Triathlon Association
Hong Kong Triathlon Association
Hong Kong Triathlon Association


Hong Kong Triathlon Association


本會為亞洲三項鐵人協會(ASTC)及國際三項鐵人聯盟(ITU)之會員,該兩個組織分別負責於亞洲地區及世界各地處理鐵人運動事宜。同時,本會亦是中國香港體育協會暨奧林匹克委員會(SF & OC)的屬會之一。  




    1. 鼓勵市民參與三項鐵人或有關體育活動;
    2. 培訓三項鐵人及兩項鐵人精英運動員;
    3. 提拔及培訓有潛質的年青三項鐵人及兩項鐵人運動員;
    4. 為三項鐵人的訓練、賽事及有關技術提供有成效的發展方向;
    5. 推廣三項鐵人及有關體育活動;
    6. 有效管理鐵人會的財政、人力及技術資源以保障香港三項鐵人運動的持續發展。

    Established in 1984, the Hong Kong Triathlon Association is the sole governing body in Hong Kong for triathlon, duathlon, aquathon and related multi-sport activities. The Association maintains an office in Olympic House, Causeway Bay and employs seven full-time staff, who are charged with carrying out its day to day affairs.

    We are a member of the Asian Triathlon Confederation and the International Triathlon Union, the governing bodies for the sport of triathlon in Asia and worldwide. We are affiliated to the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.

    Triathlon is one of Hong Kong's Sixteen Focus Sports, a status which has been achieved as a result of the highly successful international performances of our triathletes in recent years. The Association enjoys generous support from the Hong Kong Sports Institute and Leisure & Cultural Services Department, as well as various commercial sponsors.


    The Association aims to be recognized, by its membership and the Hong Kong Sports Institution Limited, as a leading National Sports Association through its commitment to the development of triathlon and related multi-sport activities for the people of Hong Kong. To this end, its six-fold mission is to:

    1. Encourage widespread participation in triathlon and related multi-sport activities;
    2. Nurture a successful squad of elite triathletes and duathletes;
    3. Spot and foster the potential of younger triathletes and duathletes;
    4. Develop proficiency in coaching, race direction and associated technical aspects of triathlon;
    5. Promote public awareness of triathlon and related multi-sport activities;
    6. Secure a sound future, in terms of financial, human and technological resources, for the continued development of triathlon in Hong Kong.