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香港拳擊總會 Hong Kong Boxing Association

香港拳擊總會 Hong Kong Boxing Association


香港拳擊總會 Hong Kong Boxing Association
香港拳擊總會 Hong Kong Boxing Association
香港拳擊總會 Hong Kong Boxing Association



香港拳擊總會(Hong Kong Boxing Association)成立於1955年,主要的工作範疇為推廣各項的擂臺運動,並籌辦國際及本地的賽事,並為公眾閞設拳擊訓練課程;此外本會亦舉辦各級的本地裁判、評判及教練培訓課程,以配合各項擂臺運動的發展。


  • 國際拳擊總會(AIBA)香港區唯一法定成員
  • 亞洲拳擊聯盟(ASBC)香港區唯一法定成員
  • 中國香港體育協會暨奧林匹克委員會(SF & OC)成員
  • 康樂及文化事務署(LCSD)資助團體
  • 香港教練培訓委員會(HKCC)成員

About HKBA

Hong Kong Boxing Association (HKBA)

HKBA was founded in 1955, the main duties of the Association are promoting different ring combat sports and organizing local and international events. The Training course for public have been held included adidas BMI boxing Training Course, Community Sports Club training course. Furthermore, in order to suit the on-going development of various ring combat sports, the Association also conducts course for Local Referee and Judge of every classes and Coach Education.

We are the members or partnership by:

  • International Boxing Association (AIBA)
  • The Asian Confederation Organization (ASBC)
  • Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF & OC)
  • Leisure and Cultural Services Department (L.C.S.D.)
  • Hong Kong Coaching Committee (HKCC)

憲章 Constitution

會章 Articles of Association of HKBA

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財務報告 Annual Accounts of Subvention

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