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Application Form - Public Sector Award 2019

Application Form - Public Sector Award 2019

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Good Lab Foundation Limited | Public Sector Innovation Award 2019 (PSIA)

Hong Kong is a vibrant city full of entrepreneurship and innovation. In recent years, there has been more examples of public sector innovation, which is a collaboration between citizens and government to co-create the future of public spaces and services in the city. From innovative uses of short term tenancy land, flyovers or government management sites, it also includes a variety of services that are co-created with the citizens. As a result, many social challenges are being improved in ways never thought possible.

To highlight the emergence of the many public sector social innovation projects across Hong Kong, Good Lab has launched the Public Sector Innovation Awards to celebrate the exceptional work, commitment and creativity of participants who are making a notable contribution to the people of Hong Kong.

This award opens to all applicants, and is designed to be simple and easy to apply for. We welcome applicants from civil servants, charities, businesses and even individuals themselves.

It does not matter if the project just started or been on going for a few years; what we value most is the project's collaborative nature across sectors and its potential to solve social challenges co-creating with the people and the community.

For the first edition of the award, we will have a total sum $15,000 being awarded to the top project that show the spirit of innovation and collaboration for public good in our city.

This Award aims to help:

  • Highlight the innovation happening within the public sector;
  • Spread the good ideas that have been put into practice, and the lessons learnt;
  • Create a culture/community that celebrates people and agencies doing innovative things.
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