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Eye Ball 2017

Eye Ball 2017

20 Sep 2017 (Wed) 6:00 PM

InterContinental Hong Kong


From HKD 5,000 to HKD 38,000

Eye Fund is proud to present our 10th Anniversary Charity Ball to be held on September 20, 2017 at The Ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Since establishment in 2007, Eye Fund has grown on the philosophy of “preventing, treating and curing blindness.” Eye Fund was officially registered as a non-profit organization in 2007 to promote public awareness of eye health. Since then, Eye Fund has been working with different organizations to promote eye health education in various forms such as community education seminars, clinic visits and district health exhibitions. In 2010, Eye Fund launched “Elderly Community Examinations” and invited ophthalmologists, optometrists and health care workers to form volunteer teams to visit countless communities on a regular basis. This plan has benefited more than 18,000 elderly people since 2010. In the following year, 2011, Eye Fund also introduced “Cataract Surgery Funding, Direct Subsidy Scheme for Cataract Surgery” which aims to provide funding for elderly patients that struggle with post-operative and cataract surgery costs. So far an average of 150 elderly people each year receive funding and cataract surgery. Through our commitment and motivation of public awareness, we adhere to narrow the distance with patients and encourage a harmonious and trustworthy relationship. We will be honoured to have you and your Company’s support for the event this year. Enclosed please explore sponsorship opportunities for your consideration. We are also happy to create a sponsorship package that is individually tailored to meet your Company’s specific marketing and public relation needs. We truly hope that we can collaborate this year for an unforgettable night as we raise funds to revolution the lives of many. Thank you in advance for your support!
眼睛健康基金 Eye Fund
假如您,希望能為社會帶來改變,請勿猶豫!與我們攜手合作,立即展開除盲行動! 您的捐款將推動 眼睛健康基金Eye Fund 實踐「防盲、治盲、除盲」的理念,為社會上正在備受眼疾困擾的患者,改寫他們的將來,再續清晰及精彩人生。 * 眼睛健康基金是根據《稅務條例》第88條獲豁免繳稅的慈善機構,註冊號碼:91/8616。 * 捐款總額港幣一百元或以上,可申請扣減稅項或捐贈給政府作慈善用途的現金捐款。為節省行政開支,本基金一概以電郵發出捐款收據,如欲以郵寄方式索取正式收據,請將存款收條或捐款收據連同您的姓名、聯絡電話及郵寄地址,電郵至本基金,一般會在收到指示後一個月內發出正式收據。