(SOLD OUT) 軟石雕塑工作坊 Soapstone Carving Workshop | Juven
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(SOLD OUT) 軟石雕塑工作坊 Soapstone Carving Workshop

(SOLD OUT) 軟石雕塑工作坊 Soapstone Carving Workshop

2 Dec 2018 (Sun) 2:00 PM - 2 Dec 2018 (Sun) 5:00 PM

Hub S710, 7/F, Staunton Block A

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


Programme Description | 節目內容  



1. 導師會介紹石雕的基本知識,並指導參加者擬出雕塑草稿。

2. 參加者會雕刻所需的形狀。

3. 打磨雕塑。

4. 拍照及包裝。

Stone carving is an art of elimination, anything that is not needed is taken away. Every move is calculated; every step, whether good or bad, contributes to the final product.  Just be brave: try and make mistakes. Try your best, enjoy the process and admire the final result. 

Participants will work on a piece of 1-3kg soapstone (children will work with a smaller piece). The workshop will take approximately 3 hours. 


1. The tutor will introduce basic knowledge of stone carving and guide participants to create a draft for their stone     sculptures.

2. Participants  will begin carving. 

3. Sanding and polishing of the sculptures.

4. Photo taking and packaging.


Workshop schedule | 工作坊時間表 

2 / 12 Sun (六)  : 2:00pm – 5:00pm

關於 軟石工作室 

軟石工作室由嚴佩恩創立,2012年她在瑞士跟隨離塑家Axel Zwahlen學習石雕。回港完成學位畢業後,成為語文老師,並在業餘時間在香港推廣石雕藝術。2016年,她開始習茶並將東方美學融入作品,及後以自然山脈為啟發,展現寧靜的世界觀,並以軟石工作室為媒介,希望連结人與自然。本年8月軟石工作室入選台灣文創平台Pinkoi 「香港魂」活動的香港設計100選,將作品與更多人分享。 

About Soapstone

Soapstone Studio is founded by Yim Pui Yan, who learned soapstone carving from Swiss sculptor Axel Zwahlen in 2012. After graduation, she began a career as a language teacher and began to introduce stone carving to Hong Kong. Since 2016, she began to immerse herself in Chinese tea culture and infuse her work with oriental aesthetics.  From then on, Yim focuses on creating works that are inspired by mountains, and started Soapstone Studio with the hope to help connecting human and nature. In August this year, Soapstone Studio was selected by Pinkoi HK as one of the 100 designs featured at their pop up store. 


1. 工作坊費用全免,報名須先繳付按金港幣$100,所作留位之用 。

2. 按金收妥後,主辦單位將會電郵確認是次報名申請。工作坊當日,參加者將獲退還全數按金。

3. 如參加者成功報名後未能如期出席工作坊,已繳交之 HK$100 恕將不獲退款。

4. 若工作坊當日早上九時正,黑色暴雨、八號風球或更高風球訊號仍然生效時,活動將會取消,參加者亦將獲退還按金。

Registration Rules & Regulations 

1. Workshops are free of charge but a HKD $100 deposit is required for reservation.

2. An official confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address upon receipt of the HKD 100 deposit. 

3. The deposit will be refunded ONLY to applicants who attend the corresponding workshop on the registered date.

4. Workshop will be cancelled if a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is still in force after 9am in the morning of the event date. In this case, the deposit will also be refunded to applicants.

(SOLD OUT) 軟石雕塑工作坊 Soapstone Carving Workshop
(SOLD OUT) 軟石雕塑工作坊 Soapstone Carving Workshop