(SOLD OUT) 塗鴉作樂:彩繪滴膠工作坊 Messy Symphony – Hand-painted UV Resin Workshop | Juven
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(SOLD OUT) 塗鴉作樂:彩繪滴膠工作坊 Messy Symphony –  Hand-painted UV Resin Workshop

(SOLD OUT) 塗鴉作樂:彩繪滴膠工作坊 Messy Symphony – Hand-painted UV Resin Workshop

2 Dec 2018 (Sun) - 9 Dec 2018 (Sun)

2 & 9 Dec : Verandah S3C, 3/F, Staunton Block A | 8 Dec :Verandah S6B, 6/F, Staunton Block A

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


Programme Description | 節目內容 


Creativity is letting our imagination run wild, while art is the process of selecting beautiful work. Have fun with acrylic paint and conduct your own messy symphony! Join us in exploring combination of colours, shapes and textures, and create your own unique picture through the process of trial and error. 

Incorporating UV resin art, your favourite colours and patterns will be transformed into a necklace or a keychain. Whether you are a skilled painter or kids who simply love messing around with crayons, a couple of friends, or a sweet family, it does not matter! We can all experience the search for exquisite beauty in a process seemingly filled with randomness and mistakes. Come and compose a chaotic yet melodic symphony together!


Workshop schedule | 工作坊時間表 

2 / 12 Sun (日)  : 11:30am – 1:30pm

8 / 12 Sat  (六)  : 5:00pm – 7:00pm

9 / 12 Sun (日)  : 11:30am – 1:30pm 

關於 手作音樂 

手作音樂由Rachel Chan(Shel)於2014年創立。憑着對音樂和手作的熱愛,Shel 將兩者結合,以手繪製作代表歌詞意境的作品。音樂在腦海呈現各樣畫面和色調,牽動人的情感和回憶。

Shel 設計手繪滴膠飾物為主,作品以歌曲或歌詞為題,也提供客製化訂造服務。她亦曾舉辦不同種類工作坊,並在社交媒體分享手作教學、翻唱作品及原創音樂。藝術能聯繫不同群體,Shel希望與大家體驗手作創作帶來的滿足感,同時繼續研究以不同媒介演繹音樂,帶來更有深度的作品。

About Shel crafts&music


Shel crafts&music was founded by Rachel Chan (Shel) in 2014. Her passion in music and art sparked the idea of combining the two things she loves, creating artworks inspired by melodies and lyrics. She believes music can evoke images, shades of colours, emotions and memories.

Shel designs hand-drawn resin accessories expressing the meaning of songs or lyrics, including tailor-made products. Together with friends sharing similar interests, Shel also provides workshops for the community, ranging from kindergarten kids at fun fairs, to teens in youth centres, and adults coming for private classes. 

Shel crafts&music also makes use of social media as a platform to share DIY ideas, music covers, as well as original music. Art can connect people of different backgrounds, languages or ages. Shel is dedicated to share the enjoyable experience of design and craft-making with the community. Hoping to provide more meaningful artworks, Shel will continue to explore different possibilities of expressing music visually.

A painting and a song can tell stories better than a thousand words. a painting. a song. a story – Shel crafts&music



1. 工作坊費用全免,報名須先繳付按金港幣$100,所作留位之用 。

2. 按金收妥後,主辦單位將會電郵確認是次報名申請。工作坊當日,參加者將獲退還全數按金。

3. 如參加者成功報名後未能如期出席工作坊,已繳交之 HK$100 恕將不獲退款。

4. 若工作坊當日早上九時正,黑色暴雨、八號風球或更高風球訊號仍然生效時,活動將會取消,參加者亦將獲退還按金。

Registration Rules & Regulations 

1. Workshops are free of charge but a HKD $100 deposit is required for reservation.

2. An official confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address upon receipt of the HKD 100 deposit. 

3. The deposit will be refunded ONLY to applicants who attend the corresponding workshop on the registered date.

4. Workshop will be cancelled if a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is still in force after 9am in the morning of the event date. In this case, the deposit will also be refunded to applicants.

(SOLD OUT) 塗鴉作樂:彩繪滴膠工作坊 Messy Symphony –  Hand-painted UV Resin Workshop
(SOLD OUT) 塗鴉作樂:彩繪滴膠工作坊 Messy Symphony –  Hand-painted UV Resin Workshop