(SOLD OUT) 升級再造網紗織首飾工作坊 Upcycled Mesh-knotting Accessories Workshop | Juven
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(SOLD OUT) 升級再造網紗織首飾工作坊 Upcycled Mesh-knotting Accessories Workshop

(SOLD OUT) 升級再造網紗織首飾工作坊 Upcycled Mesh-knotting Accessories Workshop

8 Dec 2018 (Sat) 4:00 PM - 8 Dec 2018 (Sat) 6:00 PM

Verandah S4A, 4/F, Staunton Block A

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Organized by MODEMENT



Programme Description | 節目內容 

MODEMENT 在設計時裝時一向注重人情味與善用資源,每季均會將裁布時剩下的布條用人手編織進衣服、飾品之中,希望做到零浪費,以盡綠色時尚的責任。每個做衣服的工序背後所花的心思與時間平常都不為人所見,為了讓大眾體會品牌在設計上的巧思,本次工作坊以當季的編織手鐲及頸飾為藍本,教授參加者基本的織結技巧,將剩餘網紗布條親手拼色並織成手鐲,更可加上皮扣將之變為頸飾。 

MODEMENT’s design respects human touch and promotes the effective use of resources. We weave leftover fabrics into every new collection by hand to produce “zero waste” and fulfill our green fashion responsibilities. Every art piece we create comes from the accumulation of techniques and experiences. To let participants experience our creative process, this workshop uses mesh-knotting accessories as a medium to introduce visitors to basic weaving and knotting techniques. They will be able to make use of leftover fabrics to weave their own bracelets, or turn it into a necklace by adding our leather accessories.  


Workshop schedule | 工作坊時間表 


8 /12 Sat (六) : 4:00pm - 6:00pm



MODEMENT創立於2010 年,為香港原創的高級時裝品牌。作品風格游走於兩性之間,致力以簡約的剪裁及個性化線條打造鮮有的中性形象,其中品牌亦相當注重男裝設計。2013 年,MODEMENT於香港時裝週正式推出其設計系列。創作意念來自香港複雜多元的都市文化,從城市景觀以至街頭小食,無不成為其時尚的共同體。品牌相信:每件時裝都帶有其獨特的「意義」,它能啓發你,與你溝通,甚至最終提升穿衣者的素質。品牌現於日本、埃及、香港和中國內地有售。


MODEMENT is a Hong Kong based fashion label established in 2010. For years, the designer has been crafting unisex image for both genders (with a rare emphasis on menswear) by using minimal cutting and outstanding silhouettes. In 2013, MODEMENT was officially launched during Hong Kong Fashion Week. Most of the collection is strongly influenced by the multi-faceted culture of Hong Kong, ranging from hybridised city landscape to vernacular food stores. It is of essence to MODEMENT that every single piece of fashion carries a meaning of its own which inspires, communicates and finally enhances the wearers. The stockists cover Japan, Egypt, Hong Kong and Mainland China. 



1. 工作坊費用全免,報名須先繳付按金港幣$100,所作留位之用 。

2. 按金收妥後,主辦單位將會電郵確認是次報名申請。工作坊當日,參加者將獲退還全數按金。

3. 如參加者成功報名後未能如期出席工作坊,已繳交之 HK$100 恕將不獲退款。

4. 若工作坊當日早上九時正,黑色暴雨、八號風球或更高風球訊號仍然生效時,活動將會取消,參加者亦將獲退還按金。

Registration Rules & Regulations 

1. Workshops are free of charge but a HKD $100 deposit is required for reservation.

2. An official confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address upon receipt of the HKD 100 deposit. 

3. The deposit will be refunded ONLY to applicants who attend the corresponding workshop on the registered date.

4. Workshop will be cancelled if a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is still in force after 9am in the morning of the event date. In this case, the deposit will also be refunded to applicants.

(SOLD OUT) 升級再造網紗織首飾工作坊 Upcycled Mesh-knotting Accessories Workshop
(SOLD OUT) 升級再造網紗織首飾工作坊 Upcycled Mesh-knotting Accessories Workshop