(SOLD OUT) 塗釉純銀摺飛機工作坊 Enamel Paint on Silver Folded Aeroplane Workshop | Juven
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(SOLD OUT) 塗釉純銀摺飛機工作坊 Enamel Paint on Silver Folded Aeroplane Workshop

(SOLD OUT) 塗釉純銀摺飛機工作坊 Enamel Paint on Silver Folded Aeroplane Workshop

8 Dec 2018 (Sat) 3:30 PM - 8 Dec 2018 (Sat) 5:30 PM

Verandah S4C, 4/F, Staunton Block A

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Organized by Lucy Shih 施熙瑜


Programme Description | 節目內容  

設計及藝術是在「Trial and Error」的過程中獲得提升及尋求突破。塗釉是一種需經過「Trial and Error」以掌握技巧的藝術,往往造出使人驚喜的效果。

塗釉純銀摺飛機工作坊不單讓學員體驗低温塗釉的變化,也會學習以純銀摺出兒時玩意紙飛機,寓意讓紙飛機帶上自己的夢想出發,讓它替自己完成没有完成的夢想,也是對未来美好生活的盼望。摺着飛機讓我們回憶成長中的「Trial and Error」,細味人生各個寳貴經驗。

Design and art are transcended through breakthroughs amid “Trial and Error”. Glazing (enamel painting) is an art form that requires a lot of “Trial and Error” to master which one can often achieve surprising results.

This workshop not only allows participants to experience the changes of low-temperature glaze, it also teaches participants to use pure silver to fold paper planes from our childhood memories.

Let the paper plane take your dreams! Freedom, flying higher and farther better! Let it accomplish the unfinished dreams, and hope for a better life in the future. Folding the paper plane reminds us all the “Trial and Error” moments in our lives. 

Workshop schedule | 工作坊時間表 

8 /12 Sat (六) : 3:30pm - 5:30pm

關於 施熙瑜原創滙 

施熙瑜(Lucy Shih),香港著名時裝設計師,於1992年在世界設計教學排名首位的英國皇家藝術學院取得碩士。90年代中以替名人度身訂造高級晚裝而知名,客戶包括前丹麥皇妃文雅麗。2006年開始對環保服設計作研究,其開發的「一衣多穿」取得專利。


2014年在元創方開設工作室  Lucy Shih,除開發具本土特色的飾品及文具產品外,亦有開班教授服裝及手工藝創作。除純銀摺外,Lucy也開發了以不同物料造成的摺藝創作。 

About  Lucy Shih  

Lucy Shih obtained the Master in Fashion Design at the Royal College of Art, UK. Lucy is a well-known Haute Couture designer in Hong Kong. The former Princess Alexandra of Denmark was once her client. In 2006, she developed a series of Eco-Multi-usage garment which was later successfully patented.

Lucy has been a guest lecturer at tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Britain since 2000. 

Lucy Shih launched her shop at PMQ in 2014. It is a home to groom new designers. Apart from the prominent fashions and accessories designed by Lucy Shih, innovative products from novice designers, who are being given utmost nurture by Lucy, are displayed for sales here. The shop is run as a design training centre.


1. 工作坊費用全免,報名須先繳付按金港幣$100,所作留位之用 。

2. 按金收妥後,主辦單位將會電郵確認是次報名申請。工作坊當日,參加者將獲退還全數按金。

3. 如參加者成功報名後未能如期出席工作坊,已繳交之 HK$100 恕將不獲退款。

4. 若工作坊當日早上九時正,黑色暴雨、八號風球或更高風球訊號仍然生效時,活動將會取消,參加者亦將獲退還按金。

Registration Rules & Regulations 

1. Workshops are free of charge but a HKD $100 deposit is required for reservation.

2. An official confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address upon receipt of the HKD 100 deposit. 

3. The deposit will be refunded ONLY to applicants who attend the corresponding workshop on the registered date.

4. Workshop will be cancelled if a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is still in force after 9am in the morning of the event date. In this case, the deposit will also be refunded to applicants.

(SOLD OUT) 塗釉純銀摺飛機工作坊 Enamel Paint on Silver Folded Aeroplane Workshop
(SOLD OUT) 塗釉純銀摺飛機工作坊 Enamel Paint on Silver Folded Aeroplane Workshop