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香港牛仔時裝節:講藍文化 | Hong Kong Denim Festival 2019: More Than Ounces

香港牛仔時裝節:講藍文化 | Hong Kong Denim Festival 2019: More Than Ounces

6 Dec 2018 (Thu) 7:00 PM - 6 Dec 2018 (Thu) 9:00 PM

地面廣場, G/F | Marketplace,G/F

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong



時間 Time | 6/12 Thu (四) 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

主題 | Topic

 香港牛仔時裝節:講藍文化  | Hong Kong Denim Festival 2019: More Than Ounces

講座內容 | About the Dialogue  

牛仔時裝與文化令四位來自不同背景的設計師著迷,在他們的設計路途上帶來源源不絕的靈感,讓他們享受牛仔時裝設計及工藝中的「Trial and Error」。他們將會分享牛仔時裝設計的經驗和看法,讓觀眾了解到時裝設計師鍾情牛仔時裝及文化的原因。對話同時為香港知專設計學院舉辦的香港牛仔時裝節揭開序幕。 

In this dialogue, four denim fashion designers from different backgrounds will discuss their design experience with denim craft and design in the form of “Trial and Error”,  the past and present of denim and their blue inspirations. The dialogue will be set as a prologue of the Hong Kong Denim Festival 2019 (HKDF) oraganised by the Hong Kong Design Institute. 

講者 | Speakers

林春菊 (設計總監, 新裝如初) 

李居錡 (創辦人及設計師, YMDH studios) 

李亮 (共同創辦人,Bleu•Kobo) 

林偉強 (時裝設計師, Start From Zero) 

Janko Lam (Design Director, Classis Anew) 

Jason Lee (Founder and Designer, YMDH studios) 

Osmond Lee (Co-founder, Bleu•Kobo) 

Sonic Lam (Fashion Designer, Start From Zero ) 

語言 | Language 粵語  Cantonese 


Free admission. Limited seats available. Register here to save your seat.

策劃 | Organiser 



HKDI 擁有多年的設計教育經驗,提供共 20 個設計課程,科目涵蓋四主個主要設計學系,並將其優勢融合,包括建築、室內及產品設計、傳意設計及數碼媒體、基礎設計、以及時裝及形象設計。配合靈活升學及高等教育需求,HKDI 學生於修畢兩年制的高級文憑後,可直接升讀由英國著名大學頒授的一年制學士學位課程。


Hong Kong Design Institute 

The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is a leading design institution under the VTC Group. It provides high-quality education to cultivate knowledge and professionalism, and produces emerging talents who underpin the creative industries in Hong Kong. 

With years of experience in design education, HKDI brings together the strengths of four design departments – Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design and Digital Media, Design Foundation Studies and Fashion and Image Design – to offer 20 design programmes. Highly flexible in articulation and advanced education, HKDI offer students a three-year university degree pathway from a Higher Diploma to Bachelor degrees offered by reputable universities in the UK.

HKDI adopts a “think-and-do” approach through its contemporary curriculum and active collaborations with local and international academic and industry partners. Students are given opportunities to acquire hands-on experience and participate in global exchange programmes to expand their horizons while enhancing their creative thinking and social sensitivity.