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給世界寫一首地圖詩 | Mapping As Art—A Poem to The World

給世界寫一首地圖詩 | Mapping As Art—A Poem to The World

2 Dec 2018 (Sun) 5:30 PM - 2 Dec 2018 (Sun) 6:30 PM

地面廣場, G/F | Marketplace,G/F

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong



時間 Time | 2/12 Sun (日) 5:30pm - 6:30pm 

主題 Topic | 

給世界寫一首地圖詩 | Mapping As Art—A Poem to The World

講座內容 About the Dialogue | 

James Corner說過:「製圖(mapping)可能是所有設計過程中,最具創意的行為」。是次講座,創意團隊將分享他們正於中國順德進行的藝術造村項目,如何通過製圖在村落進行創意研究,以及如何發展出一個既可行又創新的村落升級規劃方案。 

James Corner says, “mapping is perhaps the most creative act of any design process.” While the creative team is working on the first stage of Revitalising Village through Art project in Shunde of China, they would like to share with the audience their plan of conducting a creative research through mapping in the village and how they will end up developing a feasible yet innovative master plan for its up-grade. 

講者 Speakers |

楊建邦 (littleurbanmountain|首席設計師)

陳啟恩 (Crevice Design Ltd | 創辦人及總監)

黎慧儀 (田邊藝術研究所 | 創辦人 / 藝術家 / 農夫)

賴閃芳 (Artelier|創辦人及戲劇顧問)

Bong Yeung (Design Principal, littleurbanmountain)

Raymond Chan (Founder-Director, Crevice Design Ltd)

Monti Lai (Founder, Farm Side Art Research Lab / Artist / Farmer)

Lai Sim Fong (Founder and Dramaturg, Artelier)

語言 Language |  粵語  Cantonese 


Free admission. Limited seats available. Register here to save your seat.

策劃 Organiser | 


littleurbanmountain 是一所年輕的設計工作室,在香港專注於建築設計,室內設計和藝術創作。成立於2017年,開始時參與了一些與可持續發展和社區建築相關的項目,現在工作室已為客人設計了從精品咖啡店到公共裝置藝術的作品。他們的設計理念是從各方專門領域聚集人才進行創作,從而令有趣、具實驗性及可持續性的設計,不論規模大小,都得以實現。 


littleurbanmountain is a young design studio focusing on architecture, interior design and art in Hong Kong. Founded in 2017 to start a few self initiative projects related to sustainable design and social architecture, the studio has begun to create works from luxurious café, pavilion to public installation art. They try to gather people from different disciplines that enable interesting, experimental and visionary work to happen from big to small scale.