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“Linear Design Process = Efficient Design Process”

“Linear Design Process = Efficient Design Process”

4 Dec 2018 (Tue) 7:00 PM - 4 Dec 2018 (Tue) 8:30 PM

地面廣場, G/F | Marketplace,G/F

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Organized by deTour



時間 Time | 4/12 Tue (二) 7:00pm - 8:30pm 

主題 Topic | 

 “Linear Design Process = Efficient Design Process”

講座內容 About the Dialogue |  

在香港這個極度重視效率與方便的地方,「Trial & Error」對設計過程有否正面影響?在這場以 「線性設計過程=高效設計過程」的辯論中,正反雙方均會挑戰對方對「Trial & Error」的看法,最後觀眾更會投票選出勝利的一方。 

In Hong Kong where efficiency and convenience rule supreme, does “Trial and Error” play a positive role in the design process? The motion for the debate “Linear Design Process = Efficient Design Process” will provoke the Proposition and Opposition Teams of speakers to challenge each other’s views on the value of “Trial and Error”.   

語言 Language |  英語  English


Free admission. Limited seats available. Register here to save your seat.

策劃 Organiser |

英國皇家建築師學會 (RIBA) 香港分會 

RIBA HK Chapter 

關於 deTour每年deTour均會精心策劃一系列多元化節目,包括展覽、工作坊、講座等,展示新銳設計師以至業內翹楚的創新作品,期待設計界以至大眾參與,盼能啟發創意、促進交流。deTour於2008年正式開幕,為「設計營商周」之同期活動,現由香港創意地標PMQ元創方主辦及策展。About deTourEvery year deTour offers a variety of programmes, featuring innovative designs from young and emerging talents to more advanced creative professionals, to inspire creativity and foster exchange of ideas. Officially launched in 2008 as an important concurrent event of the Business of Design Week (BoDW), deTour is now curated and organised by PMQ, a creative hub located in the heart of Hong Kong.deTour 2018 創意匯聚十日棚 |Creative Festival日期 Date| 2018.11.30 – 2018.12.9時間 Time|11:00 – 20:00地點 Venue| PMQ 元創方 網站 Website|detour.hkFacebook | detourhkInstagram | detourhk