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舌尖上的錯誤 | A Bite of Error

舌尖上的錯誤 | A Bite of Error

3 Dec 2018 (Mon) 7:00 PM - 3 Dec 2018 (Mon) 8:30 PM

地面廣場, G/F | Marketplace,G/F

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong



時間 Time | 3/12 Mon (一) 7:00pm - 8:30pm 

主題 Topic | 

舌尖上的錯誤 | A Bite of Error

講座內容 About the Dialogue |  

四位年輕餐飲職人將分享推行香港首個餐飲孵化計劃「PMQ實驗廚房」的「Trial & Error」,及飲食業與設計之間的關係。 

Four F&B up-and-coming talents and entrepreneurs will talk about the “Trial and Error” process they have undergone in launching PMQ Taste Kitchen, Hong Kong’s first-ever F&B incubation programme, and the relationship between food industry and design.   

講者 Speakers |

伍柏華 (創辦人, 孖人廚房) 

伍柏基(創辦人, 孖人廚房) 

王君雅 (創辦人, Roots Eatery) 

Claire Kim (創辦人及甜品師, Claire de Lune) 

Caleb Ng (Founder, Twins Kitchen) 

Joshua Ng (Founder, Twins Kitchen) 

Stephanie Wong (Founder, Roots Eatery) 

Claire Kim (Founder and Pastry Chef, Claire de Lune)

語言 Language | 英語 English


Free admission. Limited seats available. Register here to save your seat.

策劃 Organiser | 

PMQ 實驗廚房 

PMQ實驗廚房是香港首個餐飲孵化計劃,由元創方策劃並與資深餐飲業顧問「孖人廚房」合作支援。計劃旨在透過餐飲業界專業人士的指導和團隊支援下,鼓勵和孕育廚師去實現他們的烹飪夢想。 並提供實戰機會,測試其創作能否得到合適受眾的青徠。

每個月,一位新的廚師將會進駐 PMQ實驗廚房,帶上其餐飲意念及餐單,把 實驗廚房 轉化成一間屬於他/她的新餐廳 。 Taste Kitchen是香港首個同類型為支持發掘飲食界新星的平台,除了提供一個設備齊全的空間外,孖人廚房將為每位廚師提供有經驗的廚師以及業務指導,讓廚師們能無後顧之憂地學習營運一間短期餐廳,一嘗開餐廳的夢想。  

PMQ Taste Kitchen 

PMQ Taste Kitchen is Hong Kong’s first-ever F&B incubation programme, supported by F&B entrepreneurial icon Twins Kitchen. The goal of the programme is to nurture and encourage culinary talents to follow their culinary dreams by providing professional guidance and support. The unique programme will begin as a first-of-its-kind initiative to help young and creative food talents to realise their dreams and test their ideas while being connected to the right audience. 

PMQ Taste Kitchen will be transformed into an exciting new restaurant, starring a different chef and a different dining concept every month. By offering a restaurant space, experienced staff and business guidance from Twins Kitchen, it is an experimental restaurant incubator for future culinary stars to realise their dreams of starting and running their own short-term restaurant.