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The Committee of 100

The Committee of 100


2018 China Conference and Gala Reception

2018 China Conference and Gala Reception

Registration: 2018 China Conference and Gala (Saturday, 1 December)

Welcome, Member of The Committee of 100!  

Please use to form below to register for the upcoming China Conference and Gala.  Succssful registrants will receive a confirmation email with a ticket.

The Committee of 100 is convening its China Annual Conference and Gala on December 1, 2018, in Beijing. The C100 China Conference mirrors  C100 U.S.-based conferences, providing respected and prominent experts from the U.S. and China to address our members, leaders in public and private sectors, academics, artists, and media on key issues in U.S.-China relations and a platform for the exchange of views and perspectives.

RSVP by Noon Monday, 26 November 2018.

For enquiries, please write to the The Committee of 100 in Hong Kong at: [email protected]

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