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AIDS Walk慈善步行2019

AIDS Walk慈善步行2019

10 Mar 2019 (Sun) 11:00 AM - 10 Mar 2019 (Sun) 1:00 PM

The Peak 山頂道花園

Peak Road Garden



The Society for AIDS Care organized the first AIDS Walk at The Peak in 2002. This fun-filled family event raises funds to help children, adults and the elderly suffering from HIV/AIDS – a condition which affects thousands of people in Hong Kong.

To further promote AIDS Walk, each participant will receive a mask, which is used as a symbol of identity protection, and be invited to wear it during the walk to empathize with PLHIV for the stress and burden from hidden identity due to fear for discrimination, and therefore to reduce stigma and discrimination in the community. We would very much appreciate your participation in this walk on 10 March 2019 whether it is donating to the campaign, or joining us on this meaningful event.

愛滋寧養服務協會於2002年起每年在山頂舉行AIDS Walk,以提倡支持愛滋病病毒感染者並與他們並肩奮鬥。今年的AIDS Walk主題為「向歧視說不」,本會希望大眾能藉著AIDS Walk慈善步行,消除對愛滋病的誤解及歧視,關心並接納受感染人士。

AIDS Walk慈善步行的每位參加者會戴上由「面具設計比賽」參賽者親手製作的面具,由山頂夏力道步行至盧吉道,象徵感染者因社會上的歧視而戴上無形的面具保護身份,以行動支持愛滋病感染者。2019年3月10日齊來參與AIDS Walk慈善步行2019﹗你的每一小步,都可為愛滋病病毒感染者帶來改變。多點關心,照亮人生。

Event Date日期: March 10, 2019 (Sunday)

Venue地點: Peak Road Garden, The Peak山頂道花園

Theme主題: Say No to Discrimination! 向歧視說不

11am (Kick-off Ceremony /起步禮暨面具設計比賽頒獎典禮)
11:45am – 12:45pm (Walk /步行)

Walk Routing路線: Harlech Road to Lugard Road on The Peak (~ 1 hour)

Categories and minimum fundraising amounts / 組別最低籌款額:

Individual adults個人(18+):$300

Individual個人(below 18 or over 60, or full-time students 18歲以下或60歲以上或全日制學生):$150

Group團體(max. 4人):$1,000

Family家庭(parents and max. 2 children below 18 years old 父母及最多2名18歲或以下小童)$500

Remarks 備註:

*If you require an official receipt from the Society for AIDS Care, please contact [email protected]

*如想收到由愛滋寧養服務協會發出的正式收據,請電郵至[email protected]

Personal data collected will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used for this event, receipting and other communication only. Please contact us if you do not wish to receive any promotional materials.


If typhoon signal No 8 or a black rainstorm warning is hoisted three hours before the event, the walk will be cancelled. Unfortunately we will not return donations in the event of either of these situations.



I wish to participate in the AIDS Walk (hereafter “event”). I agree that 本人參加「AIDS Walk」慈善步行活動(下稱活動)謹此聲明:

- I will comply with all relevant rules, regulations and arrangements mCCCade by The Society for AIDS Care, sponsors, supporting organizations and all related organizations. 本人願意遵守由愛滋寧養服務協會、贊助商、支持團體或其他相關團體(下稱大會)所訂立之規則及安排。

- I participate in the event entirely at my own risk. I assume full responsibility for myself and I shall not hold the organisers responsible for death or injury, or for any damage to, or loss of property during the course of the event. 本人明白此活動的要求,並願意承擔自身意外風險及責任。倘活動期間發生任何傷亡或財物遭受損失,本人無權向大會索償或追討任何責任。

- I grant permission and assign all rights to the organisers to utilize my image or voice in any promotional or fundraising activities in perpetuity and agree to waive any right of inspection or approval associated thereto. 本人願意授權予大會及傳媒,可不經本人批准而使用本人的肖像和聲線作活動籌辦及宣傳之用。

The Society for AIDS Care
The Society for AIDS Care (SAC) established in November 1994, is a community-based and non-profit making charitable organization. It is the first non-governmental organization in Asia providing high quality direct patient care services to children, women, adults and elderly people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and their care givers in the community, as well as implementing women phone-in hotline and free HIV and Syphilis testing service. With the active work in the LGBTQ community, we are unique in delivering HIV prevention to link up with treatment and care for the affected. Our professional service team consists of nurses, social workers, counselors and physiotherapists. We provide both outreach services and center-based services on care and prevention of HIV/AIDS, including drug supervision, therapeutic counseling, psychological support, physiotherapy, physical training, peers support, public education and volunteers training. We are committed to provide professional care service to the PLHIV to strengthen their self-care ability, build up their self-confidence and vision of positive living, so as to facilitate their full community reintegration. The SAC is a U=U (HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable) community partner. 愛滋寧養服務協會於一九九四年十一月成立,為一所以社區為基礎的非牟利慈善機構。本會是亞洲首個為愛滋病病毒感染的兒童、婦女、成人、長者及其照顧者提供直接關顧服務,同時提供女士免費諮詢熱線及愛滋病與梅毒測試服務的非牟利慈善機構。我們亦積極服務性少眾群體(簡稱LGBTQ),並獨有地提供涵蓋由愛滋病預防以至為感染者銜接相關治療與護理的全面服務。本會擁有護士、社工、輔導員及物理治療師的專業團隊,不但提供外展服務,亦在日間中心進行各種關顧及預防愛滋病的服務,包括藥物督導、治療輔導、心理治療、物理治療、體能訓練、朋輩支援、公眾教育及義工培訓等。我們致力提供專業的服務,增強愛滋病病毒感染者的自理能力、建立自信,促進社區共融發展。本會為支持U=U ( 感染者的愛滋病病毒載達至無法檢測水平= 透過性接觸傳播愛滋病病毒機會微乎其微)的社區伙伴。