Juven is an organisation platform that empowers organisations of all sorts to build, engage and grow community. We believe that organisations should have access to easy-to-use, beautiful and reliable tools to create greater impact.

We started with helping organisations with event engagement and payment interface. Within a short period of development, we are partnering with some of the biggest and most respected organisations in Hong Kong.


Amélie Li Yim

Account Manager

Amélie manages the end-to-end sales process whilst creating engagement opportunities with clients. Her openness and communication skills facilitate smooth interactions with clients to help them achieve their goals. Outside work she enjoys playing field hockey, meeting up with friends and exploring potential new hobbies.

Arslan Arshad

Full-stack Engineer

Arslan takes an active part in the development of the Juven platform and tries to make a profound impact by delivering applicable technology. After work, he focuses his energies on swimming, socializing and trying out new technologies.

Candy Chiu

Senior UI / UX Designer

Candy enjoys doing interactive design and coding. Her high standard in aesthetics and unique vision trace back to the period in design institute. She is sensitive in design details and focusing on user experience between design and people.

Desiree Cheng


Desiree oversees business operations and develops infrastructure to support the rapid growth of Juven. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering her free time for charities. A former McKinsey consultant, she brings intense problem solving skills to bear for clients and the team.

Edmond Chan

Co-founder, CEO

Edmond leads Juven’s strategic and business development, and finds the best people to realise the company’s vision. In his spare time, he plays basketball and enjoys reading social sciences and entrepreneurship.

Hamza Zia

Engineering Fellow

Hamza has helped several engineering teams to scale and increase their tech capabilities. He is an avid traveller, and likes to work with teams spanning different continents. He has previously worked and led teams across Microsoft China, RainforestQA SF, Parle HK & Montemedia Zurich.

Kurt Chan

Sales Manager

Kurt leads the growth of Juven, by aligning our values with our clients' and empowering them throughout their success journey. Personally, he enjoys exploring unique lifestyles and getting inspired by new encounters with people, music, movies, and all the good things in life in general.

Marco Au

Co-founder, CTO

Marco oversees technical development of Juven and strives to bring novel and delightful experiences to our users through cutting-edge technology. When off work, he can usually be found coding in a quiet outdoor cafe, wakeboarding along countryside shores or contemplating his next bluff at a poker table.

Ronald Yu

Marketing Associate

Ronald is the driving force behind the marketing of Juven and is intrigued to bring in the next big thing, stating that the brand and marketing can make or break a good product. Away from work, he enjoys destroying bowling pins, having tea breaks with friends and finding inspiration to compose songs.

Steve Chan

Engineering Fellow

Steve advises on various technical aspects of Juven, where he finds the most fun tackling scalability and optimisation challenges. He is also the founder of BetaMatters, a technology firm that strategizes product development. Apart from work, he enjoys reading and music.


Kenny Lam

Non-executive Chairman and Senior Advisor

Kenny oversees management and operations of Noah Holdings, currently China’s largest independent wealth manager. He has 20 years of experience in strategic, operational and management transformations in the financial industry. Prior to Noah, Kenny was a Global Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company based in Hong Kong.