The way organisations engage their members is often time-consuming and uninspiring. Juven is building a platform of tools and a community to change that.

We focus on helping our partners to get things done when it comes to managing members, organising events, taking donations or getting more sponsorship. The features we design not only make life easier, but also make it more fun.
Edmond Chan
Co-founder, CEO
Edmond leads Juven’s strategic and business development, and finds the best people to realise the company’s vision. In his spare time, he plays basketball and enjoys reading social sciences and entrepreneurship.
Desiree Cheng
Desiree oversees business operations and develops infrastructure to support the rapid growth of Juven. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering her free time for charities. A former McKinsey consultant, she brings intense problem solving skills to bear for clients and the team.
Marco Au
Co-founder, CTO
Marco oversees technical development of Juven and strives to bring novel and delightful experiences to our users through cutting-edge technology. When off work, he can usually be found coding in a quiet outdoor cafe, wakeboarding along countryside shores or contemplating his next bluff at a poker table.
Yvonne Chan
UI / UX Designer
Yvonne takes care of the look and feel of everything Juven builds. From overall user experience flows and color themes across our products to details as small as a button animation, nothing gets out of the door before she approves it with her sharp artistic and design sense. Outside of work, she enjoys photography and playing her own songs on her acoustic guitar.
Poh Peng
Intern Engineer
Poh Peng is generalist software engineer from the sunny island of Singapore. He enjoys working on products that matters and have a social impact. When not coding, he tries his best to be as far away as possible from his computer, to remind himself that this world is more than just computers & technology.
Aslan Arshad
Full-stack Engineer
Arslan takes an active part in the development of the Juven platform and tries to make a profound impact by delivering applicable technology. After work, he focuses his energies on swimming, socializing and trying out new technologies.
Kenny Lam
Group President @ Noah Holdings
Kenny oversees management and operations of Noah Holdings, currently China’s largest independent wealth manager. He has 20 years of experience in strategic, operational and management transformations in the financial industry. Prior to Noah, Kenny was a Global Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company based in Hong Kong.