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Travel Envoy Network Onboarding Session

Travel Envoy Network Onboarding Session

7 Mar 2019 (Thu) 5:00 PM - 21 Mar 2019 (Thu) 6:30 PM


As part of our Travel Industry Evolution, Chan Brothers would like to invite you to become one of our +en Travel Envoy, a travel entrepreneur network programme for people who has a strong passion for travel.

About +en Travel Envoys (Visit to find out more).

+en Travel Envoys by Chan Brothers Group is the first travel entrepreneur network programme in Singapore.

Support by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Business Improvement Fund, this innovation initiative provides individuals (whether you are employed or unemployed) to become Travel Business Entrepreneurs with the FREE* platform in training, expertise, network and resources to start an online mobile travel business and earn 'EXTRA' income.

You'd be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to sell travel professionally, have access to industry resources, supported by a strong pool of supplier partnerships, to become an accredited +en Travel Envoy and enjoy great benefits such as discounted industry travel offers, familiarization trips and more.

If you possess the following:-

-Strong Passion for Travel

-Outgoing personality with love for interaction with others

-Willingness to learn and take on new challenges

-Good interpersonal skills with a friendly and positive attitude

-Ability to communicate well with others and possess basic computer skills

Application procedures :-

Join-us for the free introduction/briefing/networking session (Venue at our Singapore Office, Fook Hai Building), register at

a) Learn about T.E.N (Travel Entrepreneur Network)

b) Find out how much commission you can earn

c) Meet like-minded travel entrepreneurs

d) Receive the Training overview

* Purchase of namecards, log in URLs and T-shirts at Envoys' cost.

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