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Stickymonger Hong Kong Show | Parallel Universe

Stickymonger Hong Kong Show | Parallel Universe


UNVEIL LIMITED is proud to present Stickymonger’s “Parallel Universe”, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong will showcase new paintings, digital art and wall installations, inviting audience an unparalleled immersion in a peculiar yet playful world.

New York-based Korean artist Stickymonger is known for her fluid interplay between the antithesis of darkness and light, imaginative manipulation through various media ranging from vinyl, spray paint, mural, digital media to sticker, that demonstrate her versatile artistry to express through striking colours and subtle textures. With her window installation and residence at World Trade Centre New York receiving public attention, her works also appear in top art fairs such as the 2019 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong and Frieze New York, gallery shows in San Francisco, South Korea and now Hong Kong.

The signature soulful eyes in her works convey an air of vulnerable nonchalance as an expression of a persona full of childlike wonder. On the other hand, the wide-eye gaze hides an introspective self, creating an “odd mixture” of dark innocence and colourful apathy.



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