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Sorting Spotify playlists is now possible on Android

Sorting Spotify playlists is now possible on Android

27 May 2021 (Thu) 9:00 AM - 10 Mar 2026 (Tue) 9:00 AM

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Spotify has become in just a few years the largest music platform in the world . A true giant that every year includes new updates that generate pros and cons among users. In this case, one of the most demanded changes by the Android community has taken place in Spotify Premium Free Apk the songs in the playlists can be ordered in a personalized way.

Until now, the only way to organize the songs in each list was possible from the desktop version. Without a doubt, a real nuisance for anyone who wants to listen to music anywhere with the only company of the smartphone. For this reason, Sportify has decided to activate this option randomly to check how it is received by the users of the application. Without a doubt, a premonitory feature that indicates that this aspect will become official in a few weeks.

Android Police has been the medium that has uncovered a story that has fallen quite well among fans of the music platform. An option that was no secret, and that was already common for many Spotify Premium users . As can be seen in the images, when the option is activated, three lines appear on the right side of each of the songs on the list that allows the songs to be moved to suit the user. In order to access this personalized organization, simply click on them and choose the option "Edit playlist" . From here, the songs can be moved to the whim of each one.

In principle, this change seems a trifle. However, it is important to remember that many users want their songs to be played in a certain order without resorting to the desktop application. Undoubtedly, an update that will prove very useful in the future and that is already eagerly awaited by millions of customers around the world who have not yet been lucky.

At the moment it is unknown when this option will be available to other consumers. It seems that Spotify is conducting the relevant tests to get everything to go as smoothly as possible before the global launch . Of course, this option will only be available for playlists created by the user himself, the order of the playlists of other profiles can never be altered .