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SAD: The Last Meal

SAD: The Last Meal

29 Mar 2019 (Fri) - 30 Mar 2019 (Sat)

Organized by Juven Singapore


In the near future, the food that is available for our consumption has changed, but a longing for the taste of "home" always remains. What is this instinct towards nostalgia, or a desire to return to the past, which transforms itself into an anxiety of progress?

SAD: The Last Meal addresses Singapore's obsession with nostalgia, by looking at the alleged death of the Singaporean hawker, the corresponding fetishisation and commercialisation of local food iconography, and somewhere in between, the anxiety around losing a facet of heritage that this country holds so dear—our local food culture. If home were to cease, what would you like as your last meal?

Featuring dystopian re-imaginings of our beloved hawker fare, the programme is a specially-commissioned artist x chef collaboration, with a four-course menu by Ming Tan (Executive Chef and Director, JAM at Siri House), and an audio-visual experience by Visual Artist Debbie Ding.

Join us for a weird and wonderful dining experience.

Note: No pork or lard will be served in the dishes. However, we do not have a halal certification.

SAD: The Last Meal is part of The Vanishing, Or Time Goes Away, the final chapter of The Substation’s 2018/19 programme Cities change. People die. Everything you know goes away. For more information on the programme, visit

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