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Pineapple Underground Film Festival

Pineapple Underground Film Festival

6 Mar 2019 (Wed) - 14 Mar 2019 (Thu)

Organized by Eaton HK


Eaton HK is proud to host the Pineapple Underground Film Festival (PUFF) 6th and 14th March 2019.

Dedicated to showcasing the spirit, passion and skills of bona fide independent filmmakers around the world, PUFF’s 2019 showcase will celebrate female talent, including three Hong Kong visionaries as well as writer/director Olga Korotko, whose feature film Bad Bad Winter premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

Nicola Fan, whose Hong Kong-based film Tiger by the Tail (2018) details a teenage girl's first day out of a juvenile detention center, and Tiger by the Tail (2018) director Nicola Fan will host highly anticipated Q&A sessions after the screening of their ground-breaking films.

Also on the program is an evening of lighthearted comedic short films, headlined by the world premiere of Captain Vivid, a new work from Japanese director Taku Kuroda. The cult film creator will attend the premiere in person and provide valuable insight into his outrageously witty ‘bad taste’ films.

Screenings and Q&A sessions are all FREE and take place in Eaton House on 1/F of Eaton HK. Please RSVP per below as seats are limited.

March 6th. (8-10pm) : Creativity is 原來來我 by Sharon Yeung / Tiger by the Tail ⼤大家姐 by Nicola Fan

March 14 (8-10pm) : Captain Vivid キャプテ ンビビッド by Taku Kuroda

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