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PRPA Membership

PRPA Membership

Personal information
Membership for Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals' Association Limited.

Type of membership

Founding Members

Ten enthusiastic public relations  practitioners formed PRPA in 1995. They are the Founding Members of the Association.

Mr. King Hung CHENG
Mr. Forrest CHEUNG*
Ms. Virginia CHI
Ms. Angel CHUNG
Mr. Percy HO*
Mr. Chuk Fai KWAN
Ms. Mabel KWAN
Ms. Germaine LUI
Ms. Amy MOK
Ms. Eppie TAM 

Fellow Member

A person who is veteran practitioner and has made significant contribution to the Association in the furtherance of the objects of the Association, or has made significant contribution to the public relations industry, and is being invited by the Executive Committee. Every Fellow Member shall enjoy the same services and privileges rendered to Full Members except that he shall not be liable to pay any membership fees. Executive Committee shall review in every two years whether more Fellow Members to be invited.

Mr. Forrest CHEUNG*Mrs. Miranda LEUNGMr. Walter CHEUNGMrs. Annie LIANG BENTLEYMs. Virginia CHIMs. Germaine LUIMs. Angel CHUNGMr. Martin SPURRIERMs. Anne FORRESTMs. Eppie TAMMr. Chuk Fai KWANDr. Linda TSUIMrs. Grace LAM

*Passed away

Life Member

A person who has been holding a Full Membership status for not less than five consecutive years (or otherwise according to approval by the Executive Committee) shall be entitled to become a Life Member upon payment of a one-off membership fee to be set by the Executive Committee, and is recommended by one Full Member or Founding Member and approved by the Executive Committee. Life Member has the right to vote.

Full Member

A person who subscribes to the objectives of the Association and is a practicing professional working  in an in-house capacity or in professional consultancies) with no less than two years of relevant experience. A Full Member is eligible to vote and hold office in the Executive Committee.

Corporate Member

An organization from the public or commercial sector or relevant industries who is interested in public relations industry. Every Corporate Member shall have the right to nominate up to six persons to enjoy the same services  and privileges rendered to individual members except voting rights and eligibility to hold office in the Executive Committee.  Each Corporate Member has the right to nominate one representative to cast one vote in the general meetings.

Associate Member

A person from the public or commercial sector or relevant industries who is interested in public relations industry, or for those with less than two years’ public relations working experience. An Associate Member enjoys the benefits and privileges rendered to a Full Member with the exception of voting rights and the eligibility to hold office in the Executive Committee.

Student Member

Full-time student majors in public relations, corporate communications, translation or equivalent disciplines in any recognized institutions and is recommended by one Full Member or one Life Member or one Founding Member and approved by the Executive Committee.  Student Member has no right to vote.

Member’s entitlement

PRPA aims to provide a wide variety of services to cater to the different needs of its members, which include:

  • - Regular meetings for members to share experiences and exchange opinions with specialists on topics of members’ interest;
  • - Forums/ seminars on specific PR topics;
  • - Monitoring and commenting on relevant current issues;
  • - Professional training;
  • - Newsletters to report on industry information and trends;
  • - Community activities;

  • Participation in activities organized by overseas public relations associations

Members are offered priority for registration of the Association’s programmes and activities as well as discounted Member’s rates.

A Full Member is eligible to vote and hold office in the Executive Committee.

We also offer a range of entitlements for Corporate Members. For details, please contact our Administrator.

In addition, PRPA has launched a Member’s Benefits Programme to bring discounts from a number of merchants for members. Please click the below button for details

Application procedures and fees

Applicant has to complete and sign the Application Form, and indicate the name of proposer (if any) who is a current member of PRPA. The appropriate entry fee and annual membership fee should be sent along with the duly filled application form by mail to our office. The membership sub-committee will review the application and report to the Executive Committee for final approval. Applicant can be a member of the Association if the application is successful.

The Executive Committee has the right to decline any application, without stating the reason. For those unsuccessful applicants, their entry fees and annual membership will be refunded in full.

Membership fee

Membership fee for new member includes a one-off entrance fee as well as an annual fee. From the second years onwards, an annual fee will be incurred upon membership renewal.

For administrative purpose, membership expiration date for members is set on a quarterly basis, i.e. end of March, end of June, end of Sept or end of Dec in the following year, depending on the date of joining. This is set by giving no less than 12 months’ first-year membership upon completion of the membership application processing procedures.

PRPA will issue renewal notice and form to members at least one month prior to the expiry of their membership. Associate members who then have more than two years’ experience in public relations will be given notice to have their membership upgraded to ordinary member status.

Membership status will be suspended for members who do not renew their membership three months after the expiry date. This 3-month period is given to members as a grace period after which if no sound reason(s) is(are) given to the Association, their membership status will be suspended and they will have to re-apply to the Association as new members. Entrance fee and annual fee will have to be paid upon completion of application procedures. All approvals of membership will be subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Note on Membership Data

Distribution of Event Circular: PRPA will distribute event circulars to members via an efficient multifax service and E-mail.

PRPA’s Declaration: PRPA membership data (based on the information you supplied in the application form will be used only for PRPA’s communications/ activities or our joint activities with other organizations. Under no circumstances shall we release members’ data directly to a third party without their prior approval.

Online Application

Tenure in Public Relations:

Full Member: 2 years or above        Associate Member: less than 2 years

Please attach crossed cheque for HK$ payable to "PRPA Ltd." for payment of both entrance fee and annual fee or *one year /two years to the following address:

P.O. Box 20097, Hennessy Road Post Office, Hong Kong

**I hereby apply to be a Member of Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals' Association Ltd., and will observe all regulations and code of professional standards thereof.