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Ne Obliviscaris live in Hong Kong 2019

Ne Obliviscaris live in Hong Kong 2019

4 Mar 2019 (Mon) 7:00 PM

Organized by CityU Band Society


HKD 350


Ne Obliviscaris 再次以別樹一格的金屬風格震懾香港的觀眾,它讓人著迷的地方不但是密集的鼓點和低音結他互奏,而且更有多變的結他和黑死唱腔作主體。最特別的,莫過於優美的小提琴與重型音樂互相交織,奏成美妙的旋律。

二零十七年的最新大碟 ”Urn” 以樂隊的基礎風格再度邁進,成功吸引眾多金屬頭關注,更被METAL STORM網給評選為該年度最佳extreme progressive metal專輯,配合其他出色的現場演出,這場演出絕對不能被香港金屬頭們錯過!

Prog metal monsters Ne Obliviscaris finally returns to Hong Kong with their unique, yet refreshing sound after four years. Their intricate and ever-changing duo of violin and guitar melodies, in combination with death-metal screams capticates listeners easily. But what separates Ne Obliviscaris with other prog metal bands are their prominent use of a violin, which weaves in and out through the band’s thick and heavy sound, creating a beautiful sonic contrast between the two timbres.

Their newest release, “Urn” is based on their well-known sound, yet adds layers and layers of intricacy throughout the 2017 release. The album was well-received by fans and critics alike - in fact, online publication METAL STORM listed “Urn” as the year’s best extreme progressive metal album.

With the band’s complex live shows and theatrics, any metalhead in Hong Kong would not want to miss this show.

Tickets (HKD):

Advance: 350

Walk-in: 420

City U Band Society Member: 200

Feel free to contact us on Facebook or email us at [email protected] for any inquiries or questions.

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