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Futura Hong Kong Solo Show | Abstract Compass

Futura Hong Kong Solo Show | Abstract Compass


He’s back in town!

Futura is back to Hong Kong for a special event on the occasion of the Art Basel week. A New-York street art legend, Futura is pioneer of this art movement since he started painting in New York in the 1970s, befriending such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf. Now an internationally renowned artist thanks to his unique abstract graffiti style, he is truly a legend to many. This exhibition is a unique occasion for him to come back in Hong-Kong, a city he has always loved and that has inspired him.

A unique graffiti style

Since the 80s Futura excels in his style and way of using the spray paint can. Atoms, stardust, subtle wavy lines and lightning bolts are his signature and visual language. While developing a language of his own, Futura creates atmospheres, ethereal worlds full of evanescent symbols. He blends color explosions and pure lines. Futura’s style is unique, inspired by abstract expressionist such as Jackson Pollock as much as contemporary cities and architecture with geometric lines.

The Hong Kong inspiration

Futura is fascinated by Hong-Kong, its skyscrapers reminding him New-York – his home town - mixed with the luxurious nature, forest, mountains and sea. The vibrant city is a large source of inspiration for the talented artist and his painting are depicting this multifaceted place.
Curated by Magda Danysz and co-organized by Danysz gallery and the Hong Kong based creative agency Unveil, this exceptional show gathers paintings on canvas and drawings emblematic of the artist style. As one of the first event in this exciting art week, this exhibition is essential for both art lovers and curious people.


In 1955, at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, one of the greatest street artists was born. Among the writers of his generation, FUTURA (or FUTURA 2000) is one of the first to exclusively focus on abstract pieces, at a time when most writers are obsessed with lettering. And as an abstract street art pioneer, his very particular aerosol strokes stand out immediately. His brush-like strokes are clearly different from others’. Yet after too many years of mission, he pauses with graffiti and enrolls for four years in the Marines.

His first group show takes place in 1981 at the SA Alternative Space, in New York. That same year, he’s on stage with The Clash, painting live. During the next few years, his work takes him around the world’s museums and galleries. In the 90s, he invests his time and resources in street wear companies. In addition to his numerous gallery shows, he’s part of the Street Art exhibit at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, and shown at the Groningen Museum. These are years of multiple exhibitions and of intense production, during which his canvas works becomes particularly powerful. As 2000 dawns, and with it the rise of the Internet, FUTURA surprises everyone with his decision to slow down his artistic production, in order to focus on his company Futura Laboratories and express himself via the web.

Today FUTURA fully started again his artistic activity and he is now know worldwide and considered as a legend by all the young generation including the stars as Felipe Pantone or VHILS. He has recently been exhibited in many museum shows as the ArtScience museum in Singapore lately.





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