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Singapore Pub Crawl : Cupid is Stupid

Singapore Pub Crawl : Cupid is Stupid

14 Feb 2019 (Thu) 7:00 PM - 14 Feb 2019 (Thu) 11:30 PM

80 Raffles Pl

Fat Pigeon Statue

Organized by Singapore Pub Crawl


Who says Valentine's Day has to be about that romantic candle-lit dinner with flowers and chocolates? NO ONE.

We prefer beers and shots with a good banter to boot!

Here's the fun part... no matter if you're "Single", "In a Relationship" or "It's Complicated" this event will be a lovely way to mix it up with other singles, shake up your relationship or make your love life that much more complicated.

We would like to think we're taking Cupid's job here by giving you guys a chance to meet others and mingle (and hopefully have some sparks fly here and there), but hey, we're only doing our regular job - to entertain and party the night away with you lovely people.

We will be hitting the city's finest bars and then to a club. We cannot guarantee that you'd find your soulmate here on this crawl (you might though) but we can guarantee a smashing good time. Couples who are crazy enough are welcome to join too!

Please, wear red.. you don't have to but you probably should!

* There's freeflow booze from 7pm - 8 pm.