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Birdintree Foundation
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雀仔樹基金是一個非牟利組織,致力以創意藝術學習帶出藝術的力量,以之改善兒童的生活,並發展出創作藝術的不同方法,為有需要的人帶來治愈,同時善用其才能。基金亦為社區提供終身藝術學習的機會 。



【Our Beliefs】

We believe that arts is dedicated to improving our lives. It provides mankind with opportunities to live a positive, happy, and healthy life.

【Our Mission】

A non-profit organisation, Birdintree Foundation aims at bringing the power of arts through creative arts learning to improve children’s lives and developing ways of creating arts that would bring healing and empowerment to those needed. It also provide the community with opportunities to enjoy a lifelong learning of arts.

【Our Goals】

To provide creative arts education and professional service to school and community to enhance their quality of life and learning abilities. To spread the power of creative arts and support children’s creative arts development and people with special needs.