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South Island Art Discovery Walk 南港島藝術探索

South Island Art Discovery Walk 南港島藝術探索


Is Hong Kong merely a financial center or shopping paradise?

Follow us and you will find the Brooklyn in Hong Kong!

Art in the South Island District

Since its foundation in 2013, South Island Cultural District has been changing the art community of Hong Kong. In the old industrial buildings, many local and international galleries have gathered and exhibited art works of different types and origins. The SICD has been a major evolution and improvement to the Hong Kong art scene and the South Island district has become Hong Kong’s new destination for contemporary art. We will visit best quality galleries such as Rossi Rossi, Art Statements, de Sarthe, Pekin Fine Arts and also artist studios!

South Island x Street Art

In recent years, street art in Hong Kong has emerged from the shadows to transform the city from the outside in, and one of the promoters has been HKwalls – the one and only street art festival in Hong Kong. In 2017, HKwalls came to Wong Chuk Hang, the up-and-coming art district, and transformed the industrial buildings. In our art walk, we will enjoy the celebration of street art, checking on the colorful murals created by some of the best local and international street art talent.

In the 2.5-hour art walk, you will have the chance to know artworks from Southeast Asia, China, Japan, European and the US hidden in the old industrial buildings. Our art specialist will explain to you how to appreciate contemporary art and how the art market functions in the most fun ways!

Price: HKD 280 Per Person

When: Saturday monthly: 14:30 – 16:30

Who: Art lovers with inquisitive mind

Wear and accessory: comfortable shoes, and maybe umbrella in rainy days. Please note that the tour does not cover insurance

Meet Up Point: Wong Chuk Hang Station Exit A, Circle K

Cancellation Policy: Please note all tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. Tour will only be cancelled under announcement of Red/Black rainstorm warning or Typhoon #3 or above from HK observatory

Reschedule Policy: if you have any unexpected reason to reschedule the tour, please notify us 24 hours in advance

Contact us: Please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] any time. In the case of emergency (such as getting lost before or during the activity, please call +852 6588 6440 or +852 5488 5045.



南港島的街頭藝術X HKwalls



價格: 每位280元港幣

時間: 每月星期六 14:30 – 16:30

穿著裝備: 可以走一個小時的舒適的鞋;夏天也許需要雨具和自備飲品。請注意該團不包括任何形式的保險。

集合地點: 港铁黄竹坑站 A出口 OK便利店

取消政策: 請注意一旦預訂將無法取消或轉售,但遇到香港天文臺發佈紅雨警告、黑雨警告、3號颱風或以上時,我們將會取消該團並提供退款或是改期的選擇

改期政策: 如果您由於無法預測的原因而不能參加,請提前24個小時告訴我們,逾期我們將無法安排改期

聯繫我們:歡迎您隨時電郵我們[email protected] 如遇緊急情況(例如在活動開始前或中途迷路),請撥打+852 6588 6440 或 +852 5488 5045.

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Accidental Art
Founded by a group of young, energetic friends with an ambition to humanize art, Accidental Art is an unconventional platform dedicated to bringing art into everyone’s daily lives. We aim to create open and inviting dialogues between artists, galleries and people of the city.Our team designs and leads guided art tours, organizes art appreciation seminars and curates art exhibitions for the local community. We also provide professional art spacing solutions and investment consultancy for both businesses and individuals.“撞藝術”由一群激情有活力的年輕人創立。撞藝術是一個非傳統平台,我們將藝術人性化,致力 於將藝術帶入每個人的日常生活。我們的目標是在藝術家,畫廊和普通人之間建立開放和活躍的交 流和聯繫。我們的團隊設計和領導畫廊藝術導覽之旅,組織藝術欣賞研討會,并策劃藝術展覽。我們還為企業 和個人提供專業的藝術空間解決方案和投資諮詢。