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2019 Art Central Guided Tour 藝術中環導覽團

2019 Art Central Guided Tour 藝術中環導覽團

29 Mar 2019 (Fri) - 31 Mar 2019 (Sun)

Organized by Accidental Art


Now in its fifth edition, Art Central is recognised as a place of discovery and a platform for museum quality artworks from more established names to be exhibited alongside cutting-edge works by emerging artists.

Art Central will feature over 100 leading international galleries, 75% of which hail from the Asia Pacific. The Fair’s extensive gallery line-up will include 30 galleries making their Art Central debut and will showcase striking works from across the globe, illustrating the diversity and prodigious talent of artists within today's contemporary art market.

This show is a perfect chance for someone who wants to become a new art collector.

Accidental Art is launching guided tours for Art Central this year. We not only guide you through art appreciation, but also provide you independent art collecting advisory, in the hope that you could bring back home your favorite pieces at the best price.

Event details


March 29 (Friday) 19:30-21:00 Mandarin

March 31 (Sunday) 11:00-12:30 Madarin

Price: HKD 350 per person (ticket included)

Maximum group size: 12

Meetup point: Entrance of Art Central Art Fair, Harbour Front, Central

Wear and accessory: comfortable shoes, and maybe umbrella in rainy days. Please note that the tour does not cover insurance.

Reschedule Policy: If you have any unexpected reason to reschedule the tour, please notify us 24 hours in advance.


Join us to deep dive into Hong Kong Art Month:

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Asia Contemporary Art Show Guided Tour 亞洲當代藝術展官方導賞團

2019年將會是第五屆Art Central展會。 雖然與巴塞爾藝術展相比,Art Central還是一個新生兒,但這並不妨礙它成為城中盛事。作為香港藝術月三大展覽之一,Art Central將l以亞太區的藝廊為焦點,展出新晉藝術家風格鮮明前衛的作品。

2018年度的Art Central網羅逾百間享負盛譽的權威畫廊,當中近8成均來自亞太區域。如此強大陣容,與一系列精彩節目如亞洲協會香港中心呈獻的講座,以及4A亞洲當代藝術中心帶來的表演節目,相互輝映,成就豐富藝術饕宴。展會被藝術界公認為探索當代藝術之實驗性的最佳平台,由此確立其於國際藝壇的鮮明定位。

Art Central參展作品前衛,風格鮮明,價格親民,非常適合藝術品收藏起步。

撞藝術今年特別推出Art Central 藝術導賞團。在展會開幕夜,不僅帶你欣賞藝術品,還有機會與特別嘉賓暢談交流,更有專業的協力廠商收藏建議,希望助你抱回你最心儀、最具潛力的作品。



3月29日(週五)晚上 19:30-21:00 普通話

3月31日(週日)11:00-12:30 普通話

價格: HKD 350 (包括門票)

集合地點:中環海濱 Art Central 展廳門口






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Accidental Art
Founded by a group of young, energetic friends with an ambition to humanize art, Accidental Art is an unconventional platform dedicated to bringing art into everyone’s daily lives. We aim to create open and inviting dialogues between artists, galleries and people of the city.Our team designs and leads guided art tours, organizes art appreciation seminars and curates art exhibitions for the local community. We also provide professional art spacing solutions and investment consultancy for both businesses and individuals.“撞藝術”由一群激情有活力的年輕人創立。撞藝術是一個非傳統平台,我們將藝術人性化,致力 於將藝術帶入每個人的日常生活。我們的目標是在藝術家,畫廊和普通人之間建立開放和活躍的交 流和聯繫。我們的團隊設計和領導畫廊藝術導覽之旅,組織藝術欣賞研討會,并策劃藝術展覽。我們還為企業 和個人提供專業的藝術空間解決方案和投資諮詢。