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Arts Management Seminar Series: Outdoor Event Planning

Arts Management Seminar Series: Outdoor Event Planning


From festivals to exhibition, various scale of outdoor events are incredibly popular nowadays. It is a great way for arts groups to get the public’s attention and create a unique experience to audiences. However, it can be a challenging proposition at the same time. In such, a comprehensive planning is important, so as to ensure the event succeeds in satisfying participants.

What are the key issues to be considered when planning and organizing outdoor events? With the invaluable tips shared, we are pleased to invite two experts to talk about how they managed and tackled the challenges when presenting the outdoor events.


Ms Kattie Fan, ifva Festival Director

Ms Michelle Rocha, Producer, Performing Arts (Music and Outdoor), West Kowloon Cultural District

Language: Cantonese (No SI Service)

Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association 香港藝術行政人員協會
使命香港藝術行政人員協會的使命是提升藝術行政人員的專業水平,促進行業的發展;透過為藝術行政人員及藝術從業員提供培訓及專業發展的機會和溝通及交流的平台、代表業界與政府及相關的機構溝通及提出倡議,維護藝術行政行業的權益,從而促進本地文化藝術於香港、亞洲地區及國際上的發展。 目標為藝術行政人員提供培訓及專業發展的機會,促進行業邁向卓越及專業發展研究、搜集與文化藝術的相關資訊,並與業界共享與政府、文化藝術及相關機構溝通,並提出倡議,促進本地文化藝術於香港、亞洲地區及國際上的發展為藝術行政及藝術從業員提供溝通及交流的平台維護藝術行政行業的權益作為藝術家、藝術行政人員、藝圑、觀眾、市場、私營機構、海外機構及政府之間的橋樑,維繫及促進本地文化藝術生態的健康發展