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513 Paint Shop
513 Paint Shop
513 Paint Shop


    Established since 2014, 513 Paint Shop is a boutique paint shop that’s all about bringing brilliant colours and environmentally safe paints for your home and interiors. Colours are as natural a part in our lives as they exist in their full array in nature, and for this reason we see the significance in having beautiful palettes in your home. With our well crafted selections and beautifully designed solutions, we are here to offer individuals and designers the professional assistance they deserve in choosing the colours of paint and other home décor accessories they need for their projects.
    We believe that living green and sustainably is a lifestyle choice we all need to make. We source environmentally friendly products from around the world which are beautifully crafted by artisans who share the same values with us. Come visit our shop and be inspired – choose responsibly & eco-friendly, live in style and elegance.