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2019 Young Living Transformation Symposium – SE Asia

2019 Young Living Transformation Symposium – SE Asia

9 Mar 2019 (Sat) 10:00 AM - 10 Mar 2019 (Sun) 6:30 PM


This exclusive education event is the first ever Intentional Leadership training and which is tailored towards helping those who want to do and achieve more with Young Living. The 2-day symposium will take place in Singapore, and is open to all Young Living members who are committed to personal development and maximizing their own personal and Young Living potential.

This event is different and distinctive from previous Young Living events. In order to deliver first-rate leadership content (life and business management) powerful enough to produce change, we have partnered with the best: FranklinCovey. Renowned globally for creating the standard in personal effectiveness (7 Highly Effective Habits) and global business consulting.

In addition to Franklin Covey partners, we are also thrilled to have our own Young Living Executives and top global leaders there to supply specifics on how to lead the Young Living way and harvest the Young Living opportunity to go to work for you. Again, these are no stand and deliver speeches – they are coming to get personal and deliver tactical, bare-bones, tough and raw details on the critical activities indispensable for success in Young Living. Topic such as critical activities, creating high performance teams, managing emotions/drama, culture of duplication, and frameworks for maximizing the Young Living financial opportunity all will be shared in a direct, boot-camp style, forum of like-minded leaders.

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