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2019 FIT Summit (20 March, Singapore)

2019 FIT Summit (20 March, Singapore)

20 Mar 2019 (Wed) 8:30 PM - 20 Mar 2019 (Wed) 7:30 PM

Organized by FIT Summit


FIT Summit is Asia’s leading business event for health, fitness and wellness executives. FIT Summit is unlike any other health, fitness and wellness event in Asia. A unique one-day thought leadership and networking event, where we help companies, executives and investors reach new markets, engage new customers/partners, grow their brands, increase their visibility, optimize their business strategies and maximize their bottom line. Our unique b2b community includes business leaders from multinational gyms, franchisees, boutiques and start-ups, apparel, equipment, nutrition and technology providers, sporting events, investment firms, advisory firms, government bodies and corporate wellness.

Visit www.thefitsummit.com for full information.

From: https://thefitsummit.com/events/global/

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