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No Transaction Fee
We will never charge you anything for any transactions on our platform.
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We believe in the power of simplicity, so our platform is as straight forward as possible.
More than just Events
Our platform is built to support entire community ecosystems

How you can use juven

Integrated and intuitive tools for your organization


Make events into singular experiences for your guests from start to finish. Juven's event engagement platform helps you throughout the event, from checking in, to in-event activities, to post-event analytics.


Communication: Forms & Emails

Communicate to your contacts with forms and email. Our form template builder helps you make the forms you need for contacts to tell you what you want to know. Email template builder lets you send newsletters, welcome letters, announcements and more.


Turn your contacts into members, and reward members with privileges and benefits, as well as loyalty points for engaging with your organization.

Use Cases

Companies & Brands

Companies and brands use the Juven platform to promote and receive the exclusive deals and benefits from one another.

Clubs & Associations

Clubs and associations use Juven’s automated membership features to send newsletters, reminders for payments, inform members of upcoming events and reminding administrators to engage dormant members.

Event organisers & Agencies

With Juven, event organizers and agencies never have to worry again about ticketing, in-event activities, or post-event analytics. Juven has you covered.

Trusted by diverse organizations around the world

Sports associations, art and cultural exhibitions, charities, leisure companies, shopping centers, and more

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